Why do women visit male escorts?

It is often asked; Do women visit male escorts? Why are sexually liberated women turning to male escorts? And why do women hire male escorts? We are putting these frequently asked questions out to our userbase of sex workers and hobbyists to get the inside scoop and find a real answer... Let's see what insight they can provide.​


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Using escorts has become a less taboo subject in recent years. But when most people hear about male escorts, they usually assume that most of their clients will also be male. There's often an assumption that women have a lower sex drive, or can enjoy casual sex whenever they like, so wouldn't be interested in escort services. However, recent studies have shown that the number of adverts for male escorts catering to women tripled in five years. And it's certainly never been easier for a woman to find an escort for a sexual encounter. You may be wondering why women might want to seek out these kinds of services, and although everyone has their own motivations, here are a few common reasons. Being in control While certain dating apps have made it extremely easy for women to find someone for a one-night stand, many women find these apps impersonal. After all, you're simply judging people on a photo and short bio, and even if you do find someone, there's no guarantee they'll also be interested or available. Women often feel a lack of control on dating apps, and may also be worried about their personal safety, while hiring an escort means that they are the ones in control and can specify very clearly what they want in advance. Fulfilling a ‘perfect man' fantasy Every woman has a certain ‘type' that they're attracted to, and sometimes their husbands or long-term partner just may not fill that role. It could be someone who is a very different physical type or personality than their partner or someone of a mixed-race or religion. By hiring an escort, they get to choose the guy they want to sleep with, safely exploring their fantasy. Trying something new Whether it's a particular sex act or a threesome, many women hire a male escort as this allows them to try something new without the hassle. Some women can feel embarrassed or ashamed of their sexual fantasies and not want to discuss them with their partner, so they hire an understanding escort. Learning to enjoy sex again According to interviews with male escorts, many women who use their services do so after a long period without sex. They may decide to hire an escort after a divorce, relationship breakdown or while in a sexless marriage. Or they may have simply lost their confidence in the bedroom and need to be with someone who will take things slowly. Companionship Using a male escort isn't just about sex. Many women are simply too busy to form a relationship but want some male companionship for dinner dates or social occasions, without the hassle. While a wide variety of women use male escorts, they are becoming increasingly popular with successful women in their 30s and 40s who simply want some undivided male attention and a pleasant conversation. The reasons why women use male escorts are complex, and there's often more than one reason why they seek out these services. The ease of finding male escorts online has undoubtedly made the practice less taboo. For many women, it's simply a case of wanting to enjoy the sexual encounters that they wish to, without the hassle.


Why are sexually liberated women turning to male escorts? 
 One of the most powerful driving forces, and for sure, the most genuine feeling is curiosity. This desire for discovery is a fuel which feeds people and supplies our engines with energy. It pushes peoples to try new things and live new experiences. In a society where we spend so much time working, both professional women and men rush through their own life. As a result, businesswomen do not have time or the desire to have a proper relationship. That’s why turning to young male escorts for sexual encounters becomes a valid option to them. 
 Reasons why women choose to hire male escorts 
 Men who decide to hire a female escort generally do it for the pleasure coming from sex. When it comes to women, the reasons are far more complex and articulated. A woman who decides to meet an escort for some extra shivers can do it for multiple reasons.
 No ties… only pure sex 
 Let’s tell the truth. Having a stable relationship with someone can be tiresome. Especially when you are a busy woman. That’s why a growing number of women decide to turn to a male ‘chaperone’. They want to spend some quality time with someone who doesn’t ask for attention in return. Only sex without further commitments. 
 The need to feel desired 
 We all know that vanity is feminine. Women like to feel desirable. This happens especially while they are having sex. When they decide to have sex with a man, they are seeking for somebody who makes them feel desired and hot. What’s best than turning to an attractive gigolo’ who knows what he is doing? 
 Spicy up a relationship 
 Women who buy sexual encounters are not only single ones. There is also a significant number of women part of couples who call on male sexual services. They tend to see it as a way too spicy up their relationships with their own partners. There is also another kind of coupled women who just want to make their own boyfriends jealous. 
 Final Thoughts 
 Open-minded professional women turn to male escorts for a wide variety of reasons. Some of them just want to feel desired by their own ‘dream man’. Others are in seek of pure pleasure or escape from their regular routine. One sure thing: the widespread belief that only men go with escorts is just a ​memory.


Do women visit male escorts? Do they? Well, not really. I mean, there's actually no discrimination of precisely what type of women hires an escort or a gigolo in layman's term. Regardless women are sexually liberated or suppressed; they all do turn to an escort if they crave for the physical need they have been deprived. Let me explain. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the history of human being, and contrary to popular belief, it's not just limited to female prostitution. There is plenty of evidence in history that women often "used" or "abused" men for sexual pleasure. Agreed, paying "cash" to a man for sex is a modern world phenomenon, men usually got paid by "kind." Probably that's the reason we assume that male prostitution is just something popped up in this twentieth century and usually "sexually liberated" women (or feminists, according to many people), are their only clients. Nothing can be far from the truth, to be honest. However, unlike men, not every type of women goes to such an extent where they hire a male escort. The world on both sides is very different. You know, the female prostitutes come in every shape and size and most importantly, budget. But male prostitutes or escorts are usually a niche thing; you won't find any male escort under a specific budget very easily and quickly. Also, the number matters too. Male escorts are primarily limited to cities, are the supply is very few compared to the demand. That's the reason, usually, women who can afford that price for a few hours of sexual intercourse, hire them. So, sexually liberated or not, but you must be affluent to enjoy the company of a male escort. Does that mean all male escorts are expensive? Not like that. But if you compare, the number of male escorts are much less than their female counterparts against the demand, and that's the reason they charge a premium. So, to answer the question in the title – no, it's not the sexually liberated women who are turning to male escorts, but it's the women from the higher-income group. It's merely a different question that so-called women are "sexually liberated," generally belong to the higher income group, by and large.


Do women hire male escorts? Women have needs. Despite this statement being completely true, it is taboo to hear within society. Especially the modern, constantly changing society we live in today. Now place the words ‘woman' and ‘male escort' in a sentence together and all a sudden it feels tense. Uneasy. However, it should not feel like that. It is no different to the words ‘man' and ‘female escort' in a sentence together. Is it? The word ‘escort' is commonly mistaken to be the same service of a prostitute, but in reality it is not. In fact, it is not as degrading as it is portrayed to hire an escort of any gender. So, why are women hiring them? Firstly, a reason is to cure loneliness. Simply having the company of someone of the opposite sex can support a woman who has recently been divorced or widowed. Yes, escorts can provide sexual services, if requested, but it should not be assumed that they all do. Being an escort is a profession to look after other people's needs even in the simplest of forms. An additional reason for a woman hiring a male escort is to make another person jealous. Whether that be an ex-lover, a friend or a love interest. When a woman hires a male escort, she chooses them through a profile, which can enable her to choose one, who will guarantee the outcome she wants. An escort, is basically a personal actor for a person to hire. They can behave and act as they're instructed to by their client. Furthermore, a woman can hire an escort simply to fulfil their sexual desires. They can instruct their limits and wants to achieve what another man may not be able to do for them. It allows them to be selfish and have no strings attached to the experience. So overall, a male escort should not be and is not a negative thing for a woman to hire. Majority of the time the reasons for hiring a male escort is not as illicit as it first sounds. It is natural for either men or women to want and need to feed their hunger for desire, company or climax through an escort.


Is the use of male escorts the final frontier in female sexual freedom? After all, men have been paying for sexual encounters since the invention of money. Or would a rise in women using male escorts point to shifts in our society, signalling an age of isolation and lack of true intimacy? How many women are using these services? Are they even out there for liberated women to find? Most people know where their local red-light district is, or where the suspicious "massage parlours" are in their town. But would you know where to find male escorts for heterosexual encounters? In the Internet age, everything is only a few keyboard strokes or phone taps away. Typing "male escorts" into Google brings back plenty of gentlemen for hire services, covering the whole country, not just London. There is clearly a market out there for male escorts. However, many online male escort services categorically state that sexual encounters are not part of the package, and that they are providing straight male companionship only. This indicates that any sexual encounters are strictly "off the books", making the actual numbers of women using these services for sex hard to quantify. There are safety issues for women using male escorts, much more so than for men using female escorts. Inviting a strange man into your home, or meeting one in a hotel, especially when no-one else knows where you are, might be risky. And who is going to tell their friends they are meeting a male escort? But perhaps booking a paid encounter with a company who have a log of your details is a safer way to get your kicks than meeting up with a stranger you met through Tinder. The stigma around paying for male companionship and sex is still a strong force in society, and often many women who are looking for these types of encounters do it abroad. Female "sex tourism", women going holiday specifically to have no-strings sexual encounters with younger men, is seen as a much more acceptable face of women's sexual liberation than using male escorts. There is also a plethora of toys that sexually liberated women can get delivered to their door, in plain, unassuming packaging. Embarrassing Ann Summers parties are no longer the only way for women to buy their toys. Websites such as Lovehoney have made the act of buying sex-toys more akin to ordering your groceries, and with even the most high-end toys being under £100, they are much cheaper than an encounter with a male escort, which can be as much as £300 for an hour. Are more sexually liberated women using male escorts for sexual encounters? The truth is, no-one really knows as there is very little research or anecdotal data, but there certainly are many more ways for women to get their sexual satisfaction at the click of a button, which can only be a good thing.


Why would a woman hire a male escort? To lose their virginity. That's the reason most people would assume why a twenty-year-old woman hires a male escort. That is probably the reason most people think why women use male escorts. For men, sleeping with an escort of either gender is considered ‘natural' by most areas of society – or at least acceptable – because men are perceived to need sexual gratification more than women. The reason men use escorts is regarded not to need explaining. However, maybe the reason for sleeping with a sex worker is more ambiguous for both sexes. Especially women. For starters, escorts don't always sleep with their clients. They provide other services. The reason why a woman may use a male escort or a gigolo could be to take away the pressure they feel to deliver sex after a date. Escorts can provide positive dating experiences in potentially incredibly negative dating environments. Flirting can be just for fun, not a kind of unspoken contract to hook-up later in the night. Escorts can provide women with control. Power in an aspect of someone's life can be so important when they've lost control in the rest of it. Perhaps someone has suffered abuse, just escaped from an abusive relationship, lost their job, or recently been divorced. A male escort can give a woman experiences on their terms. Escorts can offer affection and love to someone trapped in a marriage where their husband hasn't looked at them for what feels like months. An escort can give that person confidence again and won't judge them whatever their circumstances are. A lot of male escorts will talk about how their clients could easily get laid without them. They could go on tinder, to a bar, or however,​ they want to find a one-night stand. But when using an escort, they are the ones with control. Whether female clients are young or old, married or single, having sex for the first time or the thousandth – they are always guaranteed someone trying to give them a positive experience when they hire an escort.


​Female escorting is well-known and widespread, and when you think of the word ‘escort' it will inevitably invoke an image of an attractive, young female, but the male market is also viral and prevalent, surprising to many. But what reasons would a female decide to hire a male escort's services? We have ranked the top 10 reasons why women choose to use male escorts: Religious women Women from restricted religions or limited lifestyles with rigorous rules have been known to use male escorts to escape their strict surroundings, especially those in families with arranged marriages. Virgins Virgins sometimes decide to choose a male escort for their first full sexual encounter. Knowing the professional service will likely be a positive one, pleasurable, but also safe and uncomplicated, free from the awkwardness that comes with the very first time. Celebrities Celebrities and recognisable figures, such as MP's, that don't want their public life splashed all over the tabloids will often opt for the professional services of a male escort where discretion is vital. Single women Single career women that have busy work schedules and single mothers that have their hands full looking after their family like the convenience of an escort. For these single women dating is not always a practical option, so a male escort can conveniently fit into their busy timetables and provide them with an efficient boyfriend experience. Victims Ill-treated women that are trying to get over a controlling relationship or sexual abuse in order to regain confidence and trust will choose a male escort to provide that professional and safe environment they really need. Neglected women Women that have been ignored by their partners, who haven't paid any attention to them for many months or years, will gravitate towards a professional escort service for comfort. Divorcees Divorcees are amongst some of the most typical clients. When feeling stressed and vulnerable during a time when everything else might be falling apart for them, the need for comfort during the upsetting process can provide reassurance as well as a hassle-free, non-complicated relationship. Lesbians Lesbians have been known to seek out a male escort to try a new experience they've never had before. Couples Quite often, a husband will book a male escort as a gift to his wife to reward them with a new experience that won't raise too much jealousy. Often the husband will book an escort to join them as a couple, setting boundaries and revealing what his wife likes and doesn't like to ensure the best possible experience. Vulnerable women Disabled women, amputees, widows and anyone feeling vulnerable find that a professional paying service will be less likely to judge and guaranteed to provide a relaxed environment. Above all other reasons, hiring a male escort and paying for their services instantly puts the client in full control of their situation. Ultimately, they get to decide what they will or won't do, and that is always the biggest reason for hiring a male escort.


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