Why do men really visit escorts and prostitutes?

The age-old question of; why do men feel the need to use the services of sex workers, escorts, camgirls, massage girls, and prostitutes? We put this question out into the world to try and get some genuine answers.


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What do men want when visiting an escort? ​ I believe that men search for more than just physical intimacy when it comes to visiting female escorts. I feel that calling someone an 'escort' is different from calling someone a hooker or a prostitute. It also goes to show that hiring an escort goes beyond more than just sex. It is shocking to me that research has pointed to the fact that one in twenty men have been in escort relationships. I feel that their 'most requested' escort service would be to 'role play' a girlfriend experience (from their ideal romantic fantasies) to fill their own sense of lack. 1. They travel a lot. Escorts may appear to be the solution for men with busy work and travel schedules. They would be in control of when their escort should arrive. Perhaps men feel that an escort can give them fake love options through credit card payment. Probably men want to control what they want out of a partner, especially during their uncontrollable schedules. 2. They are depressed. For some men, an escort may 'spice up' or put the fun back into their lives. They may also just want a friendly chat. They crave the attention and pleasure they lack in their personal lives. 3. They cannot date. Dating for some men may be an issue due to various physical or emotional reasons. Therefore, a sex worker may be a 'quick fix'. An escort may also provide a friendship of trust while enabling them to experience their desired female company. We mustn't forget that married men also visit escorts. These men may feel an emptiness in their marriages. They may try to justify seeing an escort as this is paid sex to them rather than an affair. It is still adultery. 4. Men prefer freedom. Some men see prostitute services as a commodity. They can get an escort to act out their kinky fantasies. Some men may also be embarrassed about their fetish sexual fantasies. They may prefer to pay a woman who is experienced within the sex industry. Hooking up with an escort can occur quickly through online websites or adult xxx porn lines. 5. No attachment Sex addiction is a related topic. Perhaps men feel less guilty paying for the sex service itself. Both parties may try to make it a friendly and professional service, but it's obvious that a man may go back to their preferred escort. This 'preference' aligns with their lustful fantasies and there is an element of trust (although it is still a business service). Some believe that it is hard to get too attached in such relationships. Overall, escort relationships the majority of the time appear to be private (usually 'behind closed doors' in a hotel). These relationships are shameful in nature. These men feel a lack. Imagine these men with firm ethical beliefs in marriage along with fitting wives. Do you think these men will still pay for an escort to act out their 'ideal partner fantasies'? Definitely not.


Why do men want the girlfriend experience with an escort? It's been depicted in films such as Pretty Woman. There are a film and television series of the same name. It even had a ‘blink-and-you'll-miss-it' appearance in an episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory'. However, there is much confusion about what the ‘girlfriend experience' actually entails. If the direct transaction of exchanging sex for money is a little bit skeevy for your tastes when visiting an escort, then the ‘girlfriend experience' might be for you. The ‘girlfriend experience', or ‘GFE' if you want to be more tech-savvy, refers to the commercial service of exchanging sex with money, with a dash of the romanticism and butterflies that comes with a new romantic relationship. Unlike the traditional ‘hit-it-and-quit-it' approach that is normal with conventional escort-customer relationships, the ‘girlfriend experience' allows for both the escort and client to exchange not only sexual pleasure, but also emotional intimacy – akin to that of a ‘normal' romantic relationship. The details, and therefore prices, vary with each individual exchange – however, the general idea of the ‘girlfriend experience' is to provide more of a personalised and comprehensive sexual experience that is more gratifying for the client, and far more lucrative for the sex worker. A typical experience of the ‘girlfriend experience may start with a date: dinner, wine and conversation. Flirting and physical touching makes up a massive component of the date; so make sure your hygiene is in tip-top shape. If the date goes well for both parties, the consenting couple may move to a place ‘where the magic happens' and have a good night. Although sex is a big (but not compulsory) part of the girlfriend experience, most individuals look more for the quasi-emotional connection that the escort provides for their client. To sum up the girlfriend experience in one sentence, it would probably be described as a ‘therapy session sandwiched by sex'. Due to its clandestine and taboo nature, many clients see their escorts as an inconsequential sounding board, where they can unload not only their sexual frustrations but also their own personal problems. Unlike the ‘think-before-you-speak' approach with a finger on ‘damage control' that needs to be readily available when making your daily communicative interactions, there is no need for such preparation with the GFE. Blunt and unfiltered words flow out in a ‘stream of consciousness' approach, and reciprocally, no consequences will come back to bite you. The girlfriend experience is fundamentally constructed to be fun and safe for both parties. If the suggestion of one discrete night of sex and sparkling conversation with a pretty partner sounds useful to you, then the girlfriend experience might be right up your alley. Hold on tight. You're in for a good time.​


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