Why did you decide to become an escort in Chelsea?

Tina, 19, is a teen escort in London as well as a student studying economics.


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I didn’t have any other means of support except my student loans and a part-time job in a Pimlico coffee bar on a Saturday morning where I made an extra thirty pounds; it made little difference to my weekly budget, every day I was getting more and more in debt. My circumstances changed overnight when I was introduced to a girl who suggested that I try escort work. She took me to an escort agency in Knightsbridge, and within an hour, I was on my first booking as a teenage escort in Knightsbridge. I was nervous at first, but the guy was very kind to me, and I got over £400 for two hours of my time. That was it, I decided to work three evenings a week as a London teen escort, I had bookings every shift I worked from Islington escorts to search escorts in Camden there were always escorts clients wanting my services.​


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