Why are uni students working as Bristol escorts?

University students in Bristol vs escorts in Bristol? Why are university students in Bristol signing on with Bristol escort agencies?


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This is a question which many students would answer with a one frankly obvious response, MONEY. It's what we're all thinking, but there are more students than you would guess who would choose to commit to this lifestyle for motives other than money. Escort services or agencies are companies which provide sexy teen escorts for clients, usually for sexual services. Amongst the students, it is predominantly females who sign up to these services which have a large clientele of older men. Such organisations typically function in the same way, in that they arrange the meetings between the teenage Bristol escorts and clients and deal with legality issues since prostitution laws forbid taking or giving money in exchange for sex. Such services are also used for social or as a companion service rather than sexual, and with more people using dating sites to meet than ever, it is not surprising that such services are becoming increasingly popular in the Bristol escort scene. But let's talk money for a moment, with the country grappled with students and recent graduates who are struggling to find jobs to financially support themselves the prospects of employment are not always so bright and shiny as they used to be for people in university. Not only are students saddled with university fees and debts, but the cost of living in Bristol and rent is also​ absurd for students who have barely made a dent in the world. Whether it's stripping, pole dancing, lap dancing, escorting or prostitution the volume of Bristol students using their bodies to pay for their fees is increasing and between hundreds of thousands and millions of pounds are going into institutes through the escort and sex industry. But does this show the strength and resilience of students who are money-strapped or how financially vulnerable and weighed down by the prospect of being indebted for half their lives they are? It's not an easy question to answer, given the sheer number of individuals involved in this industry. Some have more of a negative but practical view on what they're doing, they are ashamed but know they only did it to pay for expensive fees. Others have more liberal views on how they use their bodies and are not ashamed to admit to using such services. What is become more prevalent though is that more and more of these ex or even current Bristol escorts are coming forward with stories about websites offering them scholarships which are sponsored by the clients they would have sex with. What I expected when researching some of these organisations was something more way more sordid and closer to the reality of what this essentially is prostitution. But the escort agencies in Bristol and the websites presented themselves as positive and playing into the empowerment of women and their bodies. I can see how this appeals to some young women in today's society who want to take charge of how they use their bodies. But other women who are equally liberal with their bodies would disagree with using such agencies which can be easy seen as manipulative and exploiting. The selection process for girls wanting to become escorts in Bristol for most of these agencies, include meetings with men who would assess they're sexual capabilities by conducting a practical assessment in which they are told whether their ‘application' has been ‘successful or not'. As a woman I don't really see anything which is liberating about being objectified and judged on my sexual prowess. I would answer that such a lifestyle is to anyone financially appealing for students, but the question still upholds that is the normalisation of such services which offer prostitution liberating or are they a step too far into blurring the lines between body empowerment and body objectifying.


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