Why are uni students working as Aberdeen escorts?

University students in Aberdeen vs escorts in Aberdeen? Why are so many University students signing on with Aberdeen escort agencies?


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Cash-strapped university students in Aberdeen are signing on as Aberdeen escorts to finance their lifestyles, and when the pay is often twelve times what you could earn working in a bar, who can blame them? Students joining escort agencies is probably more common than you think. One study carried out by ​Swansea University​ revealed that 1 in 20 students had done sex work while studying, and it’s actually male students who are more likely to get involved in the industry: with 5% of male respondents saying they had done sex work compared to 3.5% of female respondents. Escort agencies in Aberdeen offer a lucrative way to make good money quick compared to the long hours and poor pay of most student work. Escorts in Aberdeen are distinc​t from prostitution in that sex is not assumed, but can take place at the discretion of the escort. Instead, escort workers mainly provide companionship to paying clients, going out on dates with them, attending social events together and sometimes even spending a weekend away. So why are so many students signing on with escort agencies? Because they’re broke - that’s the main takeaway from the Swansea University study, which found that funding a lifestyle was the most popular motivation, with two-thirds of respondents giving this as their response followed by 56% who said it was to pay for necessary living costs. Many students are finding themselves in increasingly precarious financial situations, with ​nearly half of all British students​ worried about having enough money to buy basic groceries. However, for many students, escort work is not only about financial gain. Many of those who responded to Swansea University’s survey reported that they got involved out of curiosity (54%), while three in five respondents said that they enjoyed the work. Being paid to spend time with someone at restaurants or luxurious weekends away, without sex even entering the picture unless you want it to, sounds pretty good, right? Well, escorting is not without its drawbacks too, and they are pretty big ones. Students report how the work is often emotionally draining and that the social stigma surrounding being an escort in Aberdeen leaves them feeling isolated, unwilling to disclose what it is they do for work to their family and friends. But with the oil-rich workers of Aberdeen, there is plenty of business for the local Aberdeen escorts to fund their studies while potentially having a good time as well. This is particularly concerning, especially when student welfare services are often ill-equipped to deal with the concerns of students working as Bournemouth escorts, and when attempts to provide more support ends with accusations of universities ​“encouraging prostitution." University students may be signing on with escort agencies in Aberdeen because the money’s great and the works more exciting and adventurous than spending your nights pulling pints in a bar, but it’s also the result of financial precariousness, and with a considerable stigma still surrounding sex work as a whole, it can often be an isolating experience.


You've finally left the confines of school, decided your dream course and heading to university full of hope and excitement about the next three years. But there's one small detail nagging away at the back of your mind – how am I going to pay back that £27,000 student loan? Since the tuition fees for university tripled back in 2010, students have been getting creative about ways to pay back that loan, with one method proving increasingly popular: escort work. Escorts and prostitution often get tied together in some murky mess, yet the two have significant differences: escorts often don't engage in sexual activities, get to travel to exotic locations and make much more money. In some cases, they produce over £50,000 a year, and that's without counting the free clothes and dinners. While it may be more commonplace to work as a barista or bartender during each semester, why work long hours for minimal pay when as an escort in Aberdeen you can earn over £1000 in an hour? If you don't mind the stigma that comes with the job, or you're willing to hide it from your family and friends, there seems to be no reason not to at least give it a whirl. The role appears more suited for young Aberdeen escorts with confidence and charisma, yet most clients simply want someone to make them feel good about themselves. Sometimes being a good listener and laughing at their bad jokes is all it takes. You might be wondering who those typical clients might be, and the list may be surprising. Men of all ages and backgrounds come forward, and surprisingly, plenty of women too. The industry seems female-dominated, but for the lads out there, there's plenty of demand for a young man with endless energy and enthusiasm. We're not saying it has to become your career for the next 20 years. However, if you're strapped for cash and don't mind meeting a variety of people, escort work is worth a thought.


The introduction of tuition fees has always been controversial. With students facing bills of over £9,000 a year, traditional part-time jobs no longer cut it when it comes to making ends meet. Instead, they are now turning to the sex industry for employment as escorts in Aberdeen students signing on with escort agencies? Students and young people are some of the first in society to be exposed to new technology; the internet is no exception. It has changed the world, and specific industries have rapidly thrived since its introduction. Again the sex industry has been at the forefront of technological advancements. With the expansion of this industry, new job opportunities have arisen which offer a high financial reward for fewer hours of work. This is especially true of online escorts in Aberdeen, never before have clients had so much choice. To find an Aberdeen escort is easy with the amount of escort directory sites and escort agencies in Aberdeen. Therefore it comes as no surprise that large numbers of students are turning to the sex industry for employment to ease the financial burdens they face. Record numbers are signing up to help pay their fees, rent, and for a better quality of life in general. One such niche, escorting, has become popular with students too. Is being an escort legal? Escorting does not always involve sex. Individuals are willing to pay just to be seen with someone attractive. Whether it is out in public or at a social function to improve their status amongst friends and work colleagues, therefore escorting can be lucrative for the right person. It is not all glamour though, and hidden dangers are numerous, such as violent clients and possible drug addiction. Of course, sex is involved too, and this comes with its o​wn risks and hazards. Escorts in Aberdeen can set up their own business online or join an Aberdeen escort agency which takes a cut of what is earned. However, escort agencies do help vet customers, and this offers an extra layer of security to workers. Escorts do not inhabit darkened streets, and the risk of arrest is far lower than being a prostitute in Aberdeen. The sexual side of escorting happens behind closed doors. The privacy, financial reward and the extra layer of protection escort agencies offer their workers, can be very appealing to students who want to avoid financial hardship. Until students are offered better help, then they and the sex industry will continue to be uneasy bedfellows.


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