Why are students turning to sex work to survive?

Increasing numbers of university students all around the UK are signing up with escort agencies to make ends meet. We have launched an investigation into the reasons​ why this is happening. Read on to find out more.


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There’s no denying that university life can be financially challenging for many students. When faced with £9,000+ tuition fees as well as the cost of living, traditional jobs such as bar work and retail just don’t seem to cut it. For many young adults attending university, this will be their first time living away from home. It will also be the first time they’ve had to manage their finances, which can be extremely tough when handed thousands of pounds in maintenance loans in one go; or even worse, being given a maintenance loan that also doesn’t cover their rent. So, what can students do when they’re strapped for cash needing to pay rent, bills, travel and food? In most cases, they are unable to ask their parents for help and are forced to get a part-time job alongside their studies. However, this can be difficult to balance alongside attending lectures and finishing assignments. It can also be physically and mentally draining, especially in the third year of university. It’s no wonder many students are favouring the adult industry, which allows them to earn more than £1,000 per night in some circumstances. A study conducted by Kingston University shows that around 6% of students in the UK are working in the sex industry, ​and this number is expected to increase. Last year, the National Union of Students warned that the raising of university fees, along with cuts to education grants, may force more and more students into the sex industry. With tuition fees of over £9,000 per year and the cost of living continuing to rise, many students see sex work as their only option.


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