Why are so many men visiting Transsexual Escorts?

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This phenomenon has become quite a controversial topic, especially over the past few years. While it may be a taboo subject matter for some, this choice in sexual satisfaction can be explained quite thoroughly. For instance, one may argue that heterosexual men are purely experimenting. This may potentially be due to secret bisexual tendencies, or a fetish that they are keen to explore. This grey area needs to be further explored, particularly since it can be stated that no one is entirely straight, and sexuality is never concrete. Even a straight male can change their preference from time to time, despite addressing themselves as heterosexual. It also comes as a surprise to many that a significant amount of heterosexual men have a strong urge to perform oral sex during foreplay. This is one of the various signs that heterosexual males present, which may lead them to visit transsexual escorts. Straight men may also desire anal sex, and as a result of this denial of pleasure from their partner, they tu​rn to transsexual escorts to settle their lust. A straight male would only need to pay a transsexual escort to guarantee his dream. Some heterosexual men agree amongst each other that there is no way another man can ride on him. However, a transsexual escort can fulfil this deed because she is capable of doing so and indeed feminine. Other straight men are just simply attracted to transsexuals. This might be because they are fascinated with their lifestyles or because they may want to join transsexual escorts. Perhaps they just want to get to know them more intimately and share their life experience with them.


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