Where are all of the Indian escorts in the UK?

There are not many full Indian call girls working in the UK; why​ is that?


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I think Indian girls are only just realising that working as an Indian escort in the UK has become a very lucrative occupation. There are so few Indian girls working as escorts the demand for my services is very high, especially among British men, many of whom would never get the chance to fuck an Indian girl in normal circumstances. Indian girls are very protected by their families and the thought of a daughter of a traditional Indian family letting her date a white guy is almost unheard of in my community. The Indian girls who, like me, have been brought up in this western society have become more open about sex and are forgoing their traditional family ties. So when an Indian or Pakistani escort in Liverpool appears on the scene, she will be very popular and will likely be swamped with caucasian callers.​


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