What type of girls become escorts in Chelsea?

We sat down for an interview with Sheryl, an escort agency owner. Sheryl is 52, and her agency girls cover all areas of Chelsea and Central London. We asked Sheryl what type of British girls become the best escorts in Chelsea.


Answers: 1

​We have married women working the day shift. We have University students paying their way through to their degrees, some of them are medical students. We have girls from Muslim countries; they are very current right now, a Muslim escort in London can make a serious amount of money from Arabic men and the British businessman like the forbidden fruit of an Arabic escort as well. Many ordinary, beautiful young women who want a better life than just working in an office for basic pay are turning to prostitution and working as London escorts to have a more luxury lifestyle. I’m proud to say that all my escorts are very well paid and live in expensive apartments and very nice houses around London.


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