The difference between an escort and a prostitute?

Prostitutes vs Escorts is there a difference? We asked the age-old question to our user base of sex workers; What’s the difference between an escort and a prostitute?​


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High-end prostitution is seen as a glamorous and illicit underground world where men paid you hundreds of pounds for your time. In a world where the cost of living is rising at an exponentially high rate, it's no wonder that some turn to unconventional methods to survive. High-end prostitution, sugaring and escorts in Brighton are seen as glamorous, fun and a way to make easy money fast. This illicit underground world fathoms thousands who are eager to see how they can get paid hundreds of pounds for their time. Pros​titution is one of the oldest professions on earth; it's also ironically one of the only recession-proof industries. Many wonder what the difference between a prostitute and an escort is. Aren't they the same? Surprisingly, they are very different. A prostitute solely provides sexual services in exchange for money. An escort is paid for their time; it's entirely up to the Brighton escort whether or not they would like to provide sexual services. Usually, an escort in Brighton will give some kind of service to their clients to be paid. These services can be sexual companionship, non-sexual companionship, fetish fulfilment, dinner dates, etc. Typically Brighton escorts make more money that prostitutes in Brighton as they have agencies which provide them with clients and advertising. A Brighton escort can make anywhere between $50-$10,000/hr while a Brighton prostitute can earn anywhere between $20-1,000/hr. An escorts or prostitutes rate depends on several different factors such as location (big metropolitan cities have high paying clients that smaller towns), whether or not they are part of an agency, their overall look and services they are willing to provide. The sex industry is one of the only industries that does not discriminate based on gender. Both men and women can be prostitutes or escorts; however, most clients are men looking for women to service them.


A prostitute generally offers sex, and nothing else, in return for money. An escort is widely regarded as a (marginally) more respectable pursuit as escorting is not solely based around the provision of sex for financial reward. While prostitution is largely considered the oldest profession in the world, both the purveyors of the service and their clients are heavily stigmatised as morally contemptible, serving only to satisfy one or the other of the most base of human desires - the accumulation of money or the fulfilment of carnal desire. While an escort enjoys the more elevated status perhaps more akin to a personal trainer or masseuse of rendering a service to the cash-rich, time-poor businessman - or woman (this is 2019!) who for whatever reason isn't involved in a more conventional relationship. An escort, rather than being paid just to engage in sex, is paid for their time. This typically involves some kind of date or experience, i.e. a meal at a restaurant or club, a whole evening with the client which more than likely will ultimately end up with the sex which could have been provided by the hooker for a far lower​ price. Prostitutes are often thought of as desperate rejects of society plying their unenviable (and mostly illegal) trade to service a drug addiction or debt whereas an escort, at least by me, is viewed as altogether more respectable, more modern perhaps funding a university degree between entertaining societies elite. Because a prostitute is fulfilling a very basic human need - sex - their clientele are often less scrupulous about age or looks ( or hygiene or freedom from venereal disease) whereas an escort is at the top of their game (literally and metaphorically) because their clients tend to be more discerning and often have the financial means to be. Ultimately, when considering engaging the services of either one of these professions, it is important to ask yourself several questions: Do I care what people think? / is anyone likely to find out? Am I financially limited? Do I hate talking to people I don't know well? Do I have robust notions of what constitutes attractiveness in the opposite sex? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the red-light district may be for you. If however, your bank balance is healthy, and you consider yourself discerning and enjoy what many would consider being a painfully awkward date with somebody you are paying handsomely to be with as a prelude to sex, then a quick internet search for escort agencies should yield satisfaction.


A shady subject that no one seems to want to talk about, so ill explain for you. The majority of people perceive that an escort is just a wealthy man's prostitute, but there are several differences that may surprise you. From the laws that surround the work to the services they are willing to offer, this article will summarise the variance in both jobs. So what exactly is an escort? Many of you will probably already know that a prostitute is someone that offers sex for money, but equally many of you will not see why an escort differs. First of all, an escort does not need to have sex with the customer. They can be employed as a companion, attending a dinner date, going to the opera or just simply offering intellectual stimulation from a conversation. Whereas the prostitutes' primary goal is to provide sex for money, an escort can simply be employed for a company that can extend for weeks and even months depending on what the client is willing to pay. Although some escorts would not offer any intimate services, some are willing to provide this (Yes, an intimate service does include sex!). A client would have to pay a significant amount more for this and tends to be much more expensive than a prostitute. Escorts will also be reliably free from sexually transmitted diseases because they are known to always partake in safe sex. The laws also differ markedly depending on the occupation you undertake within the sex industry. In prostitution, the sex worker and the client purchasing the service are committing a crime, as it is an exchange of sex for money. The stigma surrounding prostitution is also a negative one, as often prostitutes are linked to drug addiction and poorer areas of society. Becoming an Escort, on the other hand, is classed as legal because the exchange of money is not specifically tied to the act of sex. This means that Escorts escape prosecution through the technicalities of the law. Although the public perception of an Escort is not exactly positive, they are seen as classy and a more attractive proposition for a client. Many Escorts are well off due to the higher price point, which is also why it is often described as a “wealthy man's prostitute”. So there you have it, a comparison between a Prostitute and an Escort. Hopefully, this sheds some light on the murky surroundings of sex work. Weighing up the pros and cons, I would recommend saving up a few more pennies, so you don’t leave with something you weren’t expecting.​


I am treading on the different paths of desire. When it comes to love and lust, one may say that people only seek the latter, especially in terms of quick necessities and pure fun. And so, it is without a doubt that people turn to the sex industry to satisfy these desires, which consequently gives rise to prostitution. It is the embedded image of people standing on the corner of the roads, waiting for their potential clients to give them a few moments of heaven in return for some money. For many, sexual interactions may play only a peripheral role that does not fulfil their ultimate needs. Some people simply crave companionship and find comfort in being with others, and that is what Escorts can provide that Prostitutes might not. There are many misconceptions of whether these professional roles are the same, but placing escorts and prostitutes within the same industry is not accurate. It is true that in their core, both prostitutes and escorts are workers who are trying to make money. They also provide comfort and can both be seen as a source of relief for their clients, to fulfil their desires. Nevertheless, escorting can become a very lucrative way to earn income and workers can quickly fall under the category of a high-class escort. A woman or a man bein​g spoiled by their client's riches, enjoying the food at the best restaurant: these are the type of images we get when thinking about escorts. And this is not far from the truth, as escorts can simply be there to have dinner with their client, and not necessarily have sexual interaction. The main difference lies in this, where sexual interaction is a compulsory part of being a prostitute while not for escorts. But what does it take to become an escort? Unlike prostitutes, escorts need to be much more dedicated to providing the good time that the client has paid. To be able to give him the complete "girlfriend" experience, if necessary, thus delivering and demonstrating adequate social skills.


Many people mistake prostitution and being an escort as being the same thing. However, there are apparent differences between the professions both in the legal sense and the way they are conducted. Escorting is entirely legal due to the escort being paid for accompanying the client to various destinations rather than just engaging in sex. The job of an escort is to entertain their client. Whether this is through the intimacy of a date, without being lovers, or an intellectual conversation throughout the evening. Due to the fact, most clients are from high society. Escorts are educated individuals that learn etiquette for them to be able to adapt to the different situations they may find themselves in because of their high-profile clients. This is also why escorting is portrayed as being an extraordinarily glamorous and classy job. Escorts are professionals that have to be hired in advance through escort agencies or their website. Prostitution, on the other hand, is illegal in most countries because of the fact it is an exchange of sex for money. The main job of a prostitute is to provide their clients with sex or sexual acts depending on how much they're being paid. Prostitutes work in brothels and street corners and wear provocative attire to pick up clients. Th​is also puts them at risk of coming to harm as well as the risk of getting diseases and spreading them because of not taking the correct precautions for safe sex.


They sound similar, work in the sex industry, and are socially interchangeable. But what makes a prostitute and what makes an escort comes down to varying factors; services, place of business, and legality. Services Prostitutes only offer sex (and perhaps the odd conversation), whereas escorts offer entertainment services ranging from being a dinner date to a travel companion. Escorts are trained professionally; prostitution is a position open to anyone. No other activities are undertaken besides casual sex; prostitutes are paid more per number of sexual partners. Escorts are more likely to want repeat customers as they strive to obtain a good rapport with clients to accompany them on future occasions. Business Operation Escorts are booked via an agency and are typically more protected due to requiring bookings and being able to select which clients to work with. Escorts are also professionally trained and require a minimum age of eighteen to be able to work within the industry. Additionally, escorts do not always offer sexual services and are viewed more as ‘hired company' for operas, theatre trips or long weekend holidays. Prostitutes have bosses who arrange their clients and take a cut of their earnings, known informally as ‘pimps.' Prostitutes also have less choice in who they work with and are more likely to have sexually transmitted diseases due to typically being bought off the street or at a brothel. There is no age minimum as prostitutes are not trained via an agency, running the risk of child exploitation. Legal Matters Purchasing sex for money is commonly viewed as a criminal offence. Hence prostitution is illegal in most countries. Escorting does not always offer paid-for-sex, and many works​ via a hotel or at home rather than on the streets so are less likely to become involved with the police. Escorts also have the freedom of being able to retire from their profession whenever they want. Prostitutes are more likely to turn to the sex industry due to supplementing a drug addiction or poor background, so are less likely to retire from their profession.


Remember when Blair Waldorf befriended an NYU student named Brandeis in season 3 of Gossip Girl? Yes, the one who turned out to be a ‘call girl'. Yes, yes. They did meet in a line at the coffee shop. I know what you're thinking. Maybe if I rush off to the nearest café with a Valentino 360 bag slung over my shoulder, I too may get noticed by a wealthy fashion heiress who'll invite my buddies and me to walk in her mother's fashion show and inadvertently ruin her prospects of expansion. The answer to that is maybe. You just might. In actuality, the process of hiring an escort is more put together, and their earnings much higher than you would reckon. It's how Brandeis paid for ‘college and couture' and why Blair mistook her for a New York elite in the first place. To my understanding, the distinguishing factor between an ‘escort' and a ‘prostitute' lies in their purpose. Both parties do, indeed render services in exchange for money. However, a prostitute by definition has to engage in sexual activity whereas an escort must simply offer up their time and companionship to their client at a specified function. This doesn't necessarily mean that escorts never get sexually intimate with their clients, but that they are paid for their company more than anything else. You might think of women on the side of the road at night, dressed in tight clothing and heels almost as long as their acrylic nails and think yes, they must be prostitutes. Or look down on the stereotypical young blonde escorts you see on the arms of wealthy older men at galas, brunches and awards ceremonies. One thing to keep in mind, nonetheless, is that this industry is made up of both male and female workers. i.e. male escorts as well as male prostitutes and on the flip side, a female clientele. It goes without saying that escorts are trained and better groomed in comparison to prostitutes because a large part of their job has to do with socialising. I can't speak for your average prostitute, but I do know that a good escort would know to break their bread rather than to go at it with a butter knife when dining with the upper class. Although a layman may very well regard these two fields of the enterprise as the same. It is important to note that escorting remains legal in the eyes of the law while prostitution is not. Prostitution is inalienable from the negative stigmas attached to the very word because the collective consciousness refuses to view it as the exercising of (especially) female autonomy or as a basic exchange of money for a service rendered. The slow journey towards the normalisation of sex as a concept and as an act is arguably one of the many reasons why the idea of escorting is so easily swept together with prostitution. Matters pertaining to sex work, no matter how distinct from one another are often grouped under the umbrella term ‘prostitution' to​ shame, confine and make one dimensional. So yeah, I'm all for team Brandeis.


The term ‘escort' and ‘prostitute' are often used interchangeably with the common understanding being that prostitutes and escorts both offer sex for money. But are there differences and, if so, what are they? Prostitutes, by definition, are paid for sexual acts. The service of Liverpool escorts offer is less clear. Clients are paying for time and companionship, which is likely to involve sex but isn't the sole focus of the transaction and might not be requested at all. Clients are paying for time with an individual, which could be to go on dates, to events or for conversation, with sex being an inherent part of the overall service. Even when sex is the focus in both cases, the word ‘escort' and ‘prostitute' are perceived differently. Escorts in Liverpool are sometimes seen as a higher class variety of prostitute. They are usually found through an escort agency with an online presence, booking system and sometimes even reviews. This makes the process feel more professional than the image people have of prostitutes in Liverpool. ‘Prostitute' can make you think of street corners, brothels and drug addictions. Whether these differences are real or not is hard to say, but ‘escort' definitely gives the illusion of professionalism. In the UK, prostitution (the exchange of sex for money) is legal. But specific laws are surrounding it which can make it quickly become illegal if the rules aren't fully understood. The laws include things which can be more associated with the prostitute world. It is illegal to sell sex on the street, to manage a brothel or buy or sell sex if you are under 18. Liverpool escort agencies are generally found online, which is entirely legal. They will likely offer companionship but make no attempts at hiding the possible sexual side of the service even if it is not explicitly stated. To find Liverpool escorts online, simply search on Google. There is a lot of overlap between both terms, but the key difference is that Liverpool prostitutes exchange sexual services for money, whereas escorts in Liverpool exchange time for money. A time​ which may or may not involve sexual services.


Most people believe that escorts and prostitutes are the same; however, this is pretty far from the truth. In some senses, it can be said they are the same, but the most significant difference between both is that escorts are considered to be a companion or hired entertainment purposes. A Bournemouth escort is an individual and can be either a man or a woman that you will find via a Bournemouth escort agency. A person requiring an escort will describe their desires and will be allocated a suitable escort. Those desires are usually accompanying an individual to an event. Escorts carry a more glamorous appearance and are initially required to accompany people to destinations or events. Escorts are generally trained to adapt high-class etiquettes as well as appearances as they usually accompany those from this kind of background. They can mix well at social events and even act like a boyfriend or give a girlfriend experience to the individual who hired their services. A Bournemouth prostitute is picked up in the streets without an individual needing to book one through an agency and used solely for sexual desires. Prostitutes who work the streets are illegal, whereas escorts are entirely legal. Even if an escort in Bournemouth performs sexual acts with an individual, they are not classed as a prostitute as they are allocated through an escort agency and are only paid for their companionship. With a prostitute, they are not required to escort a person to a destination, nor are they expected t​o don a glamorous appearance. Prostitutes in Bournemouth are available immediately for sexual desires.


There are no prostitutes in Eastbourne that I know of walking the streets. Escorts are girls that work from massage parlours and Escort Agencies in Eastbourne.​


Well because I cant advertise myself as a prostitute I have to call myself a Basildon escort, believe me, if I could call myself a Basildon prostitute I would get ten times more calls.


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