Should escorts be taxed on their earnings?

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Escorts are individuals who earn money by accompanying people to events or participating in sexual activities or both. Though this is an occupation that is socially frowned upon by most, it is prevalent​, and as a result of social media, it is easier to get into with no experience. Escorts can be male, female or classed as other depending on the identity they choose. The charging rate of each escort is different according to what they are willing to do and how high their status is in the world of escorting. As being an escort is an occupation that many people have, these individuals are subject to being taxed and if their yearly salary is over £12,501, just like individuals from any other occupational background. An escort in London, for example, can earn more than 100K a year.


Should escorts be given the same rights as any other individual that is taxed? With that said, are these individuals provided with the same protection as a worker from any other profession? The answer is no. In the UK, there is no information provided concerning escorting and the laws that exist to protect individuals who have this occupation as​ these individuals are sometimes required to get close and personal with their clients. And the fact that they are selling their services, it is difficult to draw a line between what is and isn’t allowed.


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