Should escorts be protected by the law?

We have put every frequently asked question surrounding the adult industry out to our userbase of sex workers, let's see what answers they provide to the question of sex workers receiving the protections that are provided​ to the rest of the population.


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Due to the development of many human rights laws and the improvement of employee protection provided to employees of different work sectors, you would think that even escorts are provided with the same entitlement to protection under the law. However, as there are varying views about escorting in the first place, it is clear that these individuals are not provided with the same protection. The majority of people frown upon escorting businesses and their employees due to reasons such as religion, morality and personal beliefs. Though the world has evolved in terms of it’s thinking, this subject still has a stigma of being an undesirable profession meaning many people will not share the view of escorts having employee protection. In the same token, there are many people who support having a career as a sex worker, and due to the glamorisation of the life of an escort in the media as well as an easy entry into the industry, many people want to become escorts as opposed to having regular jobs. This then means that these people would support the view that escorts should be provided employee protection as any other employee would in other industries of work. Also, taking into account that there are many individuals who use escorts services, who may agree that escorts should be provided employee protection. As of now, it is a debate whether or not escorts should be provided with the same legal protection as individuals in other occupations. If it is decided that they are entitled to such protection,​ it would be hard to determine how the government would go about making laws to protect such individuals and how these would be enforced.


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