Ask an escort: Where can I find Swansea escorts?

Interview with an Swansea escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Anya, a Polish escort in Swansea. Anya is 28​ and works as an independent Swansea escort.


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Why do so many Polish and Eastern European girls want to work as prostitutes in England? It is tough to get any good money in Poland, so for a Polish girl to work in a massage flat in London,​ she will make more money in one month than she could make all year back home.


Did you work as a prostitute in Poland? ​(laughs) No, I was working as a receptionist in a hotel.


Where can I find a Swansea escort? Search on the internet will bring many results for Swansea escorts; you can then choose the best escort in Swansea who you like the look.​


What services do you offer to your clients? Most men want an escort for girlfriend experience; they all want oral sex and cum in mouth, which is what I do. There is a significant demand for bareback sex in Swansea; I​ only do this if I’m sure the man is married.


So do all Swansea escorts have bareback sex with their punters? If I didn’t offer my punters bareback sex, they would simply go to the next Swansea escort who does offer bareback sex. It’s a vicious circle. If a guy wants to fuck me in the arse without a condom and I refuse, he will go to the escort up the road who will let him fuck her up the ass without a condom.​


Do you miss Poland? I miss my Mum and my friends, but as I said earlier, they all want to come and work as London escorts any way.​


Have you ever considered working as an adult webcam model? ​Yes, I think this is an excellent way for a girl to make good money in the sex industry, much better than working as an escort in Swansea.


Have you heard of the adult webcam site Yes, this a good site for escorts, they can earn money from the webcam business and still make money from seeing clients, it’s very good. I think I will sign u​p.


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