Ask an escort do you like having sex with clients?

Interview with an Oxford escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Mary, a granny escort in Oxford. Mary is 68 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Oxfordshire.


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Is there much demand for mature escorts in Oxford? You’d be surprised;​ I get lots of enquiries from all over the country.


You advertise yourself as a granny escort in Oxford, what type of clients do you see? Most of the clients that I see are guys aged around thirty. I get lots of younger guys who want to fuck a granny for the first time. I’m very experienced in giving a man just what he wants, I never clock watch, so my clients feel that they are having an illicit affair rather than seeing a prostitute in Oxford.​


You mentioned the word prostitute, is that how you see yourself? Let’s not beat around the bush. Anyone who knows anything about Oxford escorts knows that the girls call themselves escorts, but they are prostitutes by another name, maybe because I come from a different generation, but that’s how I see it.​


So you don’t see any difference between an escort in Oxford and a prostitute in Oxford? Well, I understand that traditionally a prostitute walks the streets and picks up punters in cars and an escort works from a massage flat. But let’s be honest, it’s not a massage flat in Oxford, nobody gives a massage, it’s just a few words to get around the advertising rules. I mean all the websites and newspapers that let girls advertise massage services or escort services know that the girls are prostitutes. If I could, I would promote myself as ‘prostitute in Oxford lets men fuck her for money’, ​but no one would allow that.


How long have you been working as an Oxford escort? I’ve been ‘on the game’ for over forty years. I started walking the beat in Kings Cross when there were hundreds of girls plying their trade. In those days you could go to Kings Cross at any hour of the day, and you would find lots of all different girls, black prostitutes, Teenage girls just starting in the business, although it could be a dangerous occupation it did have some funny sides to it.​


What made you choose to work in Oxford? I got my first massage parlour in Wembley which was very busy, I worked there with another mature Wembley escort and a young Oriental escort, in those days you were only supposed to have one girl working in a flat, which kept the police off your backs, but we got raided and had to close.


Do you like having sex with clients? Definitely, you couldn’t do this job if you didn’t like men and having sex with lots of different men is one of the perks of the situation, whenever I meet a straight woman who’s not an escort, the first question she will ask me is ‘what’s it like going with lots of men? When I say it’s excellent,​ they smile.


Are there many mature escorts in Oxford? I believe I’m the oldest escort in Oxford, But there are a lot of mature escorts around. You’ve only got to look at the porn videos to see how many mature porn videos are featuring women over 60. I’ve recently seen ads for mature escorts in London required by a London escort agency, which shows that the business is never-ending​, even when you’re a pensioner.


Would you work as a webcam model? Of course, if I thought I could make extra money,​ I would give it a go.


Did you know there is an adult webcam site that is for escorts, where clients can view an escort before they visit, see a cam model and then visit her at camcourts? Sounds like an excellent​ idea, punters can get to know the girl first, see if they like her and then go round and fuck her. What could be better.​


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