Ask an escort; Are most of your clients​ married?

Interview with an Eastbourne escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Tania, an Asian ladyboy escort in Eastbourne. Tania is transsexual, she's 36 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Eastbourne.


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Where are you from originally? I was born in Thailand in a small village 50 miles​ from Bangkok


Did you work in Bangkok as a ladyboy prostitute? Yes all ladyboy’s work as prostitutes in Bangkok, there is no other place for transsexuals, if you don’t work as a bar girl and offer sex to tourists, then you don’t eat.​


What age were you when you transitioned into a ladyboy? I always knew that I had more feelings for men, even at a young age,​ I would dream about wearing girls clothes. I always fancied older boys when I was growing up, so becoming a Bangkok ladyboy and working in the bars and clubs and offering myself to western tourists was just a natural move for me. I started taking hormones when I got enough money for the treatment.


Does your boyfriend mind that you let lots of different men fuck you? It’s not an issue for him; he​ looks after me and is always in the massage flat in case of any trouble.


Lots of ladyboys are working as webcam models, is that something you would do? ​Definitely, I know some girls (ladyboys) who broadcast on Live Jasmin and Cam4 who make a lot of money, the problem is that these sites don’t allow escorts to work on the webcams, if they find out you are working as an escort they will block your account.


Are most of your clients​ married men? Well I never ask them if they are married, but my instinct tells me that they are.


Do you think your clients are straight heterosexual men? Absolutely, my clients are seeing a girl with a cock, they all want to taste a cock in their mouth, ​and they want me to suck their cock as well. Remember that ladyboys know what men want they can tell us the things that turn them on that they would never tell their wife.


Do you know other Eastbourne escorts? I don’t really mix with other girls who are escorts in Eastbourne, I would like to, but I think they see me as some kind of threat. I once had a girlfriend, and we went out shopping together in the town, we met her boyfriend who kept flirting with me, she got furious and never called me again. I like being with girls, but as a prostitute in Eastbourne, they tend to stay away from me, they are scared that their boyfriends will want to have sex with me.​


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