Interview with an Ashford escort - Ask an escort?

We sat down for an interview with Kim, a busty Milf escort in Ashford. Kim is 46 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Kent.


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What is a MILF escort? I’m not sure where the word MILF came from, but it is an acronym for Mum’s I’d like to fuck.​


Are you an English escort in Ashford Kent? That’s right.​


How big are your tits? I am a natural 44DD.


Do punters like a busty escort in Ashford with big tits? When I first moved to Ashford,​ I advertised myself just as an Ashford escort and got a dozen or so calls a day. When I changed to Local Busty Housewife massage in Ashford the phone never stopped ringing. So my clients like an Ashford escort with big tits.


Can I search for Ashford escorts on Google? You​ can find me on adultwork and yesbook.


Do you do escort outcalls? I prefer clients to visit me, my massage flat in Ashford is very cosy​, and I have everything here to make a client feel comfortable.


What do your clients like most? ​My tits, and the fact that I have porn videos of myself, clients really like to watch busty British housewives who work as escorts and film themselves having sex with punters.


Are there many working escorts in Ashford Kent? Too many girls are working as escorts in the ​UK, have you seen how many London escorts are advertising their services on adultwork escort pages. Escorts, porn star escorts, Milf escorts, Arabic escorts, Asian escorts, Lesbian escorts can all be found in London. I hope that the Ashford escorts don’t ever have as many girls that work in other areas.


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