As a Russian escort what made you choose Aberdeen?

Interview with an Aberdeen escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Natasha, a Russian escort. Natasha is 22, and works as an independent escort in Aberdeen.


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As a Russian escort what made you choose Aberdeen? I knew some girls from Russia who came to the UK to work as prostitutes and they told me that in Aberdeen there is a lot of business, especially from the men who work in the oil business .


Did you work as a prostitute in Russia? Yes I worked as a call girl in Moscow for two years but the business in Russia is different to here, there is a big criminal element to escorts in Russia that is not present in the UK. Also Russian escorts in UK are quite sought after. Russian girls have a reputation of being very pretty and quite a lot of the girls from Russia that I know really like English men, they are a lot kinder than Russian men and treat their women better.


How popular are Russian escorts in Aberdeen? Yes very popular, it is not often that men in the UK get to meet or have sex with a girl from Russia so I think it is a novelty thing as well.


Are there many Aberdeen escorts working? Oh yes there are hundreds of escorts in Aberdeen, lots of Thai escorts and of course English prostitutes in Aberdeen who come for the money.


Do your family know you are a UK prostitute in Aberdeen? No, my family think I am studying economics here in the UK, some of my friends know I work as a call girl and are always asking me questions about it, how much money I make, what’s it like having sex with lots of different men every day and so on.


Do escorts orgasm when they have sex with clients? Well I do, not all the time but I am very highly sexed and I love the feel of a mans cock inside me. I usually always have an orgasm when a man licked my pussy before he fucks me.


Would you have bareback sex with a client? This is something men are asking for a lot these days, I have been offered hundreds of pounds extra by some of my clients to have unprotected sex with them, so far I have always declined, but because there are lots of girls who will have bareback sex I can see a time when it will become part of an escorts service.


Do you have oral sex without condom? Oh yes, any escort who doesn’t suck a guy off without a condom won’t get any business in today's market, nearly all the escorts who advertise on adultwork or Yesbook offer OWO and cum in mouth, CIM. I would say that if an escort in Aberdeen doesn’t suck guys off without a condom she wouldn’t last very long.


Do you know many escorts in Aberdeen? I know a few, we sometimes do party girl escorts, which means two or three escorts will go to a club or a private party and let multiple guys have sex with us all throughout the evening.


How many men do you have sex with at these Aberdeen sex parties? I think the most was one evening at a stag party, there was meant to be three girls but only myself and another girls turned up, so the guys asked if they could have a gangbang with me, I think that night I let twelve men fuck me, one after the other, the money was good but it’s not something I want to do on a regular basis.


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