Interview with a real Bury escort - Ask an escort?

We sat down for an interview with Amy, a busty Thai escort in Bury. Amy is 22 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Bury and Manchester.


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How did a girl from Thailand get to be a Bury Escort? I have many friends from Thailand, Bangkok escorts in London who does​ a lot of sex business in the UK, so it was natural for me to make the sex in Bury as a Bury escort.


Are you a lovely big tit Asian massage girl in Bury? Lots of the Bury punters like the Thai girls, especially if the Thai escort has big tits. I like my clients to know I am a Thai escort with big tits and ​tight pussy in Manchester.


Where can I find Bury escorts? Search for escorts in Bury on Google search engine, ​and you will find all the escorts in Manchester and escorts in Bury.


Are there many Bury massage girls? There are a lot of local prostitutes in Bury that work from home, Local housewives offer cheap escort services in Bury, and there are a few young teen escorts who work in Massage flats in Bury.​


When did you start working in Bury? When ​I first came to the UK, I started working as an escort in Bayswater. I was staying with a girlfriend, and she was a London escort with Asian Babes escort agency.


Have you ever thought about being a webcam model? Yes, there is a webcam site called that webcam models are also escorts. I know some webcam models on camcourts that earn an extra £3000 a month camming between clients.


What escort services do you offer your clients? Because guys like my tits so much one of my most popular services is a tit wank. Lots of punters like a girlfriend experience with a Thai escort, I also do oral sex and 69.


Have you ever thought of appearing as an escort in porn videos? I have been asked to make porn videos, Lots of massage girls make porn videos and sell them on sites like Escorts can make a lot more money these days by webcam escorts and selling porn films of escorts​ with punters.


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