What type of girl becomes a Portsmouth escort?

Interview with a Portsmouth escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with David, a male escort agency owner from Portsmouth. David is 45 and runs an escort agency that covers all areas of Portsmouth.


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How did you start in the escort business? I was a disillusioned carpet fitter in Portsmouth working 12 hours a day when I spotted a business opportunity for entrepreneurs to run their own escort agency. There is a company called www.escort-empire.com that gives a full turnkey business package for people to run a successful escort agency.​


How many escorts in Portsmouth do you have working for you? It varies, but at any time I will have at least 30 girls on my books, we work from 11 am until 4 pm​ every day.


How many bookings do you make in a day? Because we follow the business plan that escort-empire have devised, we will comfortably make forty bookings a day. With that many bookings​, we can easily create a profit of around £25000 per month.


Where do you see life in five years from now? That’s a good question. I am planning to open a second escort agency in Southampton next year, so I hope to double my income.


What type of escorts do you have on your books? To run a successful escort agency in Portsmouth,​ you need a variety of escorts to please any potential clients. At Portsmouth Deluxe we have teen escorts, Mature escorts, Asian girls and Pornstar escorts.


What type of girl becomes a Portsmouth escort? We have housewives that want to earn more money than they could get working in retail, College girls working their way through to their degree, all types of girls come to work at the agency.


Would you recommend running an escort agency to someone? As long as it’s not a Portsmouth escort agency I would definitely recommend this business, it has changed my life. You meet some of the most beautiful people. The girls are fantastic. We are all good friends. It is relatively simple for anyone with a bit of business savvy; the business plan that escort-empire has put together is guaranteed to succeed.​


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