Ask an escort how did you start as a working girl?

Interview with a Plymouth escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Bea, a blonde escort in Plymouth. Bea is 35 and works as a married independent escort covering all areas of Plymouth.


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As a married Plymouth escort does your husband mind you having sex with clients? Before I became an escort we were a swinging couple, we would meet other couples and single men for wife swapping gatherings, so my husband was quite used to seeing me have sex and letting other men fuck me.


Did your husband encourage you to become an escort in Plymouth? Not encourage in that sense, I mean he isn’t a pimp. We discussed the issue of me working as an escort for a long time before we both decided​ that it was the right thing to do.


How did you start as a working girl? At the time we were living in a small council house in the worst part of Manchester, so before I started being an escort here,​ I was a Manchester escort.


Didn’t you​ like the Manchester escort scene? No, it was okay, but our plan was always to make enough money so that we could buy a house on the coast near Devon.


Are you a horny housewife? Most definitely, I still miss the days when we went to swingers parties, and I enjoy the attention of single men or married men. Becoming an escort in Plymouth was a natural extension of my overactive​ sex life.


You used the term Plymouth prostitute, do you see yourself as a Plymouth escort or Plymouth Prostitute? I don’t mind the word prostitute; I​ sell my pussy for money, isn’t that what prostitutes do?


Are your neighbours aware that you are an escort? Yes, all of them, it’s hard not to know when every day 6 or more different men are coming to the door.​


Do your neighbours mind the fact they live next door to a local Plymouth prostitute? The women are not to keen on me, but their husbands always smile and say hello, I wonder why!​


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