Do you remember the first client you had sex with?

Interview with a Manchester escort; Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Maggie, a mature escort in Manchester. Maggie is 36 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Manchester.


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​How long have you been working as a Manchester escort? Since I was 18, so it’s been eighteen years now.


How did you start working in the sex industry? I answered an ad in our local paper for massage girls wanted, I’d never done any massage, ​but I knew what the job entailed.


Did you know that working in a Manchester massage flat would involve having sex with clients? Of course, every girl knows that the local massage parlours in Manchester have prostitutes working there.


Do you remember the first client you had sex with? Yes, on my first day I was the new girl, ​so all the regular men wanted to see the new girl. The first man that came in that day went into the lounge where there are usually about five other girls waiting for clients; he chose me. I took him up to the VIP escorts room where I gave him a quick massage, and then he just said, that’s enough of that I want you to suck my cock first and then I want to fuck you, is that ok? That was the start of my life as a working girl.


Have you always worked in Manchester massage parlours? I did a bit of work as an escort for a Manchester escort agency for a couple of years, but I didn’t like all the travelling to hotels and clients homes, it wasted a lot of time, here in the massage flat the punters come to you, ​and we have a laugh with the other girls.


Is there jealousy between escorts in Manchester massage parlours? It can happen, especially if one girl is picked more than the others. Escorts can be quite bitchy towards the younger girls who have just started in the business, which is only natural, I suppose. I mean if five girls are working​ and one girl gets all the men coming through the door there’s bound to be some friction.


Do escorts in Manchester like having sex with lots of different men every day? Of all the working girls that I know pretty much all of them like sex, it’s what we talk about all the time, which punter fucks the best, who gives the best oral sex, which men like anal sex, how many times a client can cum in a session, and so on. It really is the main topic of conversation among most girls anywhere.​


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