What escort services do you offer your clients?

Interview with a London escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Kiki, an Asian escort in London. Kiki is 20 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of London.


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Where are you from originally? I am from Taiwan.


How did you get to become an escort in London? Lots of Asian and Oriental girls come to London to work as call girls, the money you can make as a prostitute in Taiwan is nothing compared to the an Asian escort in London can make or in many big cities around the world. Before I came to London I worked as a call girl in Dubai.


What age was you when you started working as a prostitute in Taiwan? I did my first client when I was eighteen, I was working in a topless bar in Thailand as a waitress just serving drinks, but the customers kept asking me to go to their rooms with them, they offered me more money for an hour of sex than I could make all week working as a waitress. So I started to see clients in Bangkok, a few girls started telling me that with my looks I could earn a lot more if I travelled to different cities, places like Dubai, New York and London. Because I had some friends in London who were already working as London escorts, I thought it would be easier to start as a London escort with people that I knew.


What services do you offer your clients? I do most services that men want, oral sex, erotic massage, body to body massage, full sex, 69, and sometimes I will do anal sex. It depends on how I’m feeling and also the size of the man's cock.​


Lots of men today want bareback, would you have full sex without a condom? Hmm, I know lots of men want this service today, and there are more and more girls who will do bareback sex, the problem is that if more clients want to have sex without a condom and more girls a willing to give that service it starts to become the norm. This business is driven by what clients want, if more and more clients want a particular service then girls will do it, or their clients will go elsewhere, take oral without condom, OWO, I don’t know any punters today who want to be sucked off wearing a condom, all men want a girl to suck his ​cock and they also want to cum in her mouth, if a girl wants the business she has to do these services, it’s part of being an escort in London.


There are lots of escorts in London, where do you advertise to get clients? It's true; There are indeed lots of call girls in London, many work for escort agencies who get the clients for you but I work as an independent escort and advertise my services on adult websites such as; adultwork, yesbook and viva street. I get dozens of calls every day. I specialise in Central London, ​so most of my clients are businessmen visiting for a few days, I tend to work around Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Park Lane and Bayswater.


Is there a big demand for Oriental escorts in London? Oh yes, many western men like the petite Asian escorts, the slimmer they are and the younger they look, the more business they get, many of my clients like me because I look younger than I really am, I have small tits and a pert ass and I have a very tight pussy which all my clients love. ​


I see in lots of escort adverts that they don’t see black guys, why is that? That’s a difficult question to answer. The main reason is that younger black guys can be quite troublesome; they are always trying to bargain with girls to reduce their prices. Also, some black guys have fairly big cocks so the smaller Asian call girls can’t take a black mans cock. I personally will see a black man as long as he is over 30 years old and is staying in a 5-star hotel in Central London. But I know a lot of my escort friends won't​ see black guys at all.


Do you think you will stop working as a London escort and get married one day? Well, I hope so, I don’t have a steady boyfriend at the moment because it’s hard to meet ordinary guys when you are in this business, all the guys I know that visit the clubs and bars that I go to, know I’m a prostitute in London and only want one thing. I suppose that one day I shall have to go to a town where nobody knows me and hopefully find a nice man who will look after me.


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