Do you always orgasm when you’re with a client?

Interview with a Liverpool escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Reena, a busty Indian escort in Liverpool. Reena is 26 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Liverpool.


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Where are you from originally? My family come from Delhi, which is where I was born. However,​ I have lived in the UK for 20 years.


D​o Indian escorts in Liverpool like sex? Despite a lot of Indian women still thinking of sex as a duty rather than a pleasure, times are changing. Among my women friends who know I’m an Indian escort in Liverpool, they will openly talk about how much they love sex. Many of them are quite envious of me because I get so much of it. As for me, I love having sex with white clients more than with Indian men who still have this old fashioned idea that women who sell themselves for sex are nothing more than common prostitutes, in fact, they call them Guti’s, which is a derogatory term in India.


Do your family know that you work as an escort in Liverpool? God no, my family are from Birmingham and think that I am the manager of a hotel in Liverpool. My Father would probably kill me if he ever found out, as would my brothers, which is part of the hypocrisy of the Indian male. All-day long I get calls from married Indian men and Indian guys asking if they can come round and fuck me. They are very brusque when it comes to talking to, what they consider, a lowlife, and yet they all want to go and see me.​


Do your clients ever fall in love with escorts? I’ve had men promise to leave their wives for me. I’ve had men buy me cars, jewellery, and expensive shoes, I’ve been with men on holiday where they have taken me to luxury resorts and paid for my time as well. I think there are lots of lonely men out there that need the services of call girls or Liverpool escorts. One man, who is still a regular client,​ has asked me to marry him three times over the past couple of years. Despite the fact that I’ve always refused he still buys me lots of presents. He’s lovely, and I enjoy his company, but I think his proposals are his fantasy and not really what he wants, he just wants to please me.


What is your favourite part of sex with a client? I absolutely love it when a man that I like goes down on me; I can, and often do have several orgasms when a man is licking and sucking my pussy.​


Do you always orgasm when you’re with a client? ​Not always, it depends on my mood and how skilled the man is.


Have you ever worked for a Liverpool escort agency? When I first started as an Indian prostitute I used to see men, mainly Indian men, in cars. They knew I was a working girl and used to hang about in the street where I lived. I soon got tired of that so I contacted an escort agency and started working the day shift, visiting men in their homes and local hotels. When I realized that being an Indian escort in Liverpool was quite unique and I was In demand I started looking for my own Liverpool massage flat where I could work and keep all my money instead of giving 40% to the escort agency boss, who was a complete bastard.​


Do you remember the first time you had sex for money? Oh! I remember it well. I had just turned eighteen, I was waiting at a bus stop, and a man pulled up in a Jaguar car. He was a white guy around 40 he asked if I wanted a lift into town. For some reason, I got in his car, and the rest is history as they say. I let him fuck me in the back seat of his Jag. He gave me fifty quid, and that started me off as a working Indian escort in Liverpool.​


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