How old were you at your first gay escort sex?

Interview with a Wimbledon escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Alfie, a gay escort from London. Alfie is a rent boy and offers gay massage in Wimbledon.


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What age was you when you knew you were gay? I’ve always been gay, from my earliest memories, I always wanted to play with girls and dress up. Where all the other boys were playing football, I went to ballet class. By the age of thirteen, I fancied boys but had to hide my feelings until I reached the age of sixteen. The internet was my first contact with other gay boys; most​ of them were working as rent boys in London.


How old were you when you had your first gay sex experience? Because I was always perceived as gay by everyone, mature men were still trying to get to know me. If I were to be in the park, I would find myself hanging around the public toilets where it was common knowledge that gay men would have sex in the cubicles, and that was where I first sucked a man off.​


When did you start working as a rent boy? I started going to gay clubs in London’s Soho and met lots of fem boys and trans boys; it just seemed natural to me to become part of that scene. I started letting men fuck me for money by working in a gay massage flat in London, by the time I was eighteen, I rented my own flat, and that’s where I am today.​


D​o your parents know that you are working as a male prostitute or a gay escort? Yeah, my Mum knows and is cool with it. I don’t have any contact with my Dad and don’t really care if he knows or not.


What type of client do you usually see at your Wimbledon massage flat? My clients are almost all middle-aged married white men. Most of them want to experience a young rent boy sucking them off or sucking me. They have all probably been with female escorts in Wimbledon before coming to try a gay massage in Wimbledon; it’s​ something different.


Do your clients tell you they are married? They never talk about their wives, the gay escort sex thing with me is more of a fantasy that they have decided to act on, so I try to make their first gay massage experience with a gay escort in Wimbledon as lovely​ an experience as I can.


What service is most requested by your clients? For most first-timers they really just want to suck a cock and have their cock sucked by a cute young rent boy, they would have seen gay porn with twinks and young Asian boys sucking off mature white men in Thailand and get the urge to try it.​


Do many clients want anal sex with rent boys? I wouldn’t usually let a man fuck me if it’s his first time at my massage flat, but if he becomes a regular, I will make him fuck me. ​


Do first-timers feel awkward after they have cum? A lot of the time, they do feel awkward after the sex act. I try to make them feel calm as I cam, I let them dress and stay in bed naked, once they are ready to leave I slip on a see-through robe and show them out. I find this to be the easiest way for first-timers​ to get through there first gay massage in Wimbledon experience.


Do clients ever want anal sex with a gay escort in London? It does get asked for sometimes, ​but that is not something that I offer. The only anal sex I have is with my boyfriend.


​Does your boyfriend mind the fact that you are a male prostitute in London? Not really, he sometimes gets jealous, especially if any of my clients buy me presents.


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