Working with Escort Agencies vs as an Independent?

Interview with a Glasgow escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Amanda, a blue-eyed mature escort in Glasgow City Center. Amanda is 39 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Glasgow.


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As a female sex worker in Glasgow are you working within the law? Absolutely, there are prostitutes in Glasgow who are street prostitutes, but us escorts who work from private apartments are not breaking any laws. In fact, the police would preferably female Glasgow prostitutes move off the streets and work from massage flats and with Glasgow escort agencies.​


How long have you worked as a Glasgow escort? I’ve been an escort for nearly 20 years; I started when I was living in London, I wanted to be a model at the time, but it is a complicated industry to get into, so the next best thing to make some decent money was becoming a London escort.​


Did you work for an escort agency in London? Yeah, I worked for lots of escort agencies, I worked in Soho walk-up flats and all sorts of London Massage parlours when I was a young escort in London.​


What was it like in a prostitute flat in Soho? It was literally one punter after another. I would some days have sex with 20 men in an eight-hour shift. Sometimes there would be two guys waiting in the waiting area while I was having sex with a punter in the room, he would go, and the doorbell would ring again, there were times when I couldn’t even stop for a cup of coffee. Soho flats were very busy in those days. It's different now because of​ the old Soho as I knew it is no longer the same.


Where have all the London prostitutes gone? They all work as London escorts or are massage parlour girls in London.


How does being a Glasgow escort compare with working as a prostitute in Soho? It’s a lot calmer, more relaxed and I get to know my punters in Glasgow, in fact,​ lots of my clients are regular, and they buy me presents and take me out for dinner and cocktails, which is a lot nicer than a ten minute fuck and then it’s next, please.


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