Interview with a Dundee escort - Ask an escort?

We sat down for an interview with Mona, a Scottish escort in Dundee. Mona is 29 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Dundee.


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Have you always been a Dundee escort? Not always. I once worked as a massage in Dundee girl.


Which other areas have you worked as an escort? I started escorting after I left college and went to Liverpool, a friend was seeing punters with an escort agency in Liverpool, ​and she asked if I wanted to make some quick money.


Do you remember your first punter as an escort in Liverpool? Not really, I’ve had so many clients it’s hard to remember.


Do escorts in Dundee like to have sex with clients? I ​love sex, having sex with different men is what all escorts in Scotland like to do when a man goes down on me and licks my pussy I climax like a monster. I also love it when a man cums in my mouth. If an escort in Aberdeen or Glasgow feels differently then let me know and I will do their punters for them, in general escorts in Scotland love to have sex.


Where can I find Dundee escorts? Search for escorts in Dundee on websites like Kommons, adultwork escorts are the dirtiest escorts on the web.​


Why do married men visit escorts in Dundee? Almost all of the clients that I see are married, the reason for that is because married men can have sex the other girls without any commitments, Men will always want to have sex with different women and to visit an escort is a NSA, no strings attached, arrangement. Married men can get any service they want from an escort that their wife may not give them sexually. If a man wants anal sex or 69 sex and his wife doesn’t like that,​ then they know that escorts in Scotland will.


How many clients does an escort have sex within an average day? Most escorts advertise in lots of escort directories, ​so I get lots of phone calls.


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