Interview with a Croydon escort - Ask an escort?

We sat down for an interview with Jasmine, an exotic VIP escort in Croydon. Jasmine is 22 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Croydon and South London.


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How did you start as a Croydon escort? I first started as an escort working in a Bromley massage parlour, six other girls were working in shifts, ​and the clients would come in to choose one of the girls to take upstairs to the VIP rooms.


Why did you leave the Massage parlour in Kent? The problem was that whenever I was working the men would pick me so the other girls got really jealous and it got to be somewhat awkward.​


So you started your own escort business? Yes, I​ decided to be an independent escort in Croydon working from my own Croydon massage flat.


Is there a lot of escort business in Croydon? I cover most areas that surround Croydon; I escort in Crystal Palace, Purley and Mitcham as well.​


Do many of your clients take you out to dinner before erotic encounters? Some men will book me for 4 hours, which is helpful​ if the guy is a gentleman.


Do you always have sex with clients? ​Most guys who book Croydon escorts expect to have an erotic massage which in turn leads to having sex with the client.


Do you like sex? Absolutely, if a client takes his time with me,​ then I usually enjoy having sex with him.


​What’s the most requested service that you offer your Croydon punters? They all want oral, lots of guys like role play, escorts in school uniform is a popular one. I have many pairs of shoes and stockings and suspenders is an escorts main workwear.


​Have you ever considered being a webcam model? I know that webcam escorts cam make a lot of money, I have thought about it and I know that on yesbook they have the facility for an escort to webcam between clients, which sounds pretty cool. I have a friend who is an escort in Sutton Surrey who webcams, and she makes around £3000 per month on top of her escort earnings.


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