Interview with a Chester escort - Ask an escort?

We sat down for an interview with Isabella, a Brazilian escort in Chester. Isabella is 28 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Cheshire.


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How did a Brazilian girl get to become a Cheshire escort? I knew some escorts in Wirral who were making a lot of money, so I thought I would give it a go. I was in London at the time working as a Greenwich escort, my friends kept telling me to come to a Birkenhead massage parlour, I did, and the difference was significant.​ I was the only Brazilian escort in Chester and was making a small fortune every week.


Have you ever thought about other aspects of the sex business? I know that webcam models are making £5000 a month of sites like Jasmin and Chaturbate. But they don’t let escorts work on those sites. I have heard of a new website where escorts can receive video calls o let punters see and speak to the escorts before they visit.​


Would you perform sex acts on camcourts for clients? Definitely, I think if a potential client could see and speak to an escort in Chester before he visits her or she visits him, the ice is broken and the meeting is much better.​


As a Chester escort would you work as a local webcam escort? If I thought that working as a local prostitute on webcam would get me, punters, I would certainly do it. The webcam escorts business is in its infancy at the moment, sometime in the future every escort in the UK will receive video calls to accept clients. It makes perfect sense to screen potential clients on a one-2-one video call; you can see if you want to do the client or if he looks dodgy, you can refuse to see him and warn other escorts to be aware of this guy. Other than that I think that is the best thing for escorts in Chester and UK escorts in London and everywhere else.​


Do you advertise on adult contact pages? Most escorts in Cheshire will post on any media outlet that they can find. Find escorts in Cheshire will bring results Search escorts in Chester and lots of adult contacts in Cheshire will appear. On you can promote your service on their adult contact section.​


​Why are Brazilian escorts in Cheshire so popular? Brazilian girls know how to give the best VIP escort sex in Birkenhead, and the best escorts in Chester are always Brazilian escorts in the UK.


Are there many Brazilian escorts in London? Oh my god, there are lots of beautiful Brazilian escorts in Paddington and escorts from Brazil in Central London, they are the best VIP escorts in London.​


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