Do all London escort girls have sex with clients?

Interview with a Chelsea escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Sheryl, an escort agency owner. Sheryl is 52, and her agency girls cover all areas of Chelsea and Central London.


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How did you start to run your own escort agency in Chelsea? I’ve been in the sex industry for over 30 years, I started working as a street escort or basically a prostitute working the Kings Cross red-light district, that was back in the days when Kings Cross was a 24 hour a day working beat. There were hundreds of girls walking the streets in those days. In this game, you are only as good as your looks, and men want the younger best-looking girls. So when I reached the age of forty, I decided that I knew enough to set-up my own e​scort agency.


How many escorts do you have working at your escort agency? I currently have 40 girls on my books; their​ ages range from teenage escorts to MILF escorts, a couple older than me.


Do all escorts in London have sex with clients? They don’t necessarily have to have sex with clients, but it is ex​pected that at the end of the date the escort will accompany the man back to his hotel room for an intimate and erotic sexual encounter.


How many bookings does your Chelsea escort agency cover every day? We always have at least ten escorts working a shift, and I like each girl to do a minimum of two bookings in her time. With the average booking of 2 hours, my escorts generally make around £600 a day, not bad for four hours work.


Would you encourage a pretty girl to become a London escort? Depending on her circumstances,​ I most certainly would. If the girl is looking for a better lifestyle and has no moral code as the whether she should sell sex for money then she will do fine, lots of beautiful girls are letting guys fuck them every weekend that they meet in bars and clubs, they do this for nothing. Come and work as an escort and guys will pay you to let them fuck you and be very generous to you. For me, a girl with a serviceable pussy should make guys pay for it.


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