Interview with a Chelmsford escort; Ask an escort?

Dogging in Chelmsford is now a prevalent experience for many kinksters and hobbyists. There are thousands of people having public sex in Chelmsford, Harlow dogging locations and in almost every town. What is dogging? Dogging is a slang term for voyeurs who like to watch and participate in having sex with women in public places like car parks and wooded areas. Many British women are into dogging in Harlow Essex. Many escorts in Chester are housewives and many housewife dogging in Essex. We sat down for an interview with Donna, a teen escort in Chelmsford. Donna is 19 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Essex.​


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How did you get involved in the sex industry? I started making porn videos with a UK amateur porn video company. I made a few films with them, gangbang teen videos, old and young videos where older men​ had sex with teen models, I made some teen dogging in Essex videos. But there are so many teen girls who want to be porn stars the competition was too much, and apparently, the porn industry always wants new teen girls, so I decided to become a Chelmsford escort instead.


Do you see lots of different men every day? Being a teen escort in Chelmsford,​ I am in demand, especially from the older punters, the more mature guys like a teenager.


How many of your clients do you have sex with on average? All of them, even though I advertise as massage in Chelmsford, everyone knows that massage girls offer sexual services.​


What're the most men you have had sex within a single day? ​That was when I did party girl escorts with another teen escort in Harlow, we were booked for stag parties and let as many as twenty guys fuck both of us in an evening, we got a grand each, so it was good money.


Do you still duo escort with the Harlow teen escort? Not at the moment, we fell out, so I am looking for another teen escort to work with as duo escorts. There is an escort in Braintree that wants to work with me as a lesbian escort duo, but I haven’t met her in person yet, we contacted each other on the adult contacts page of yesbook.


Where can I find Essex escorts? If you search escorts in Chelmsford,​ you will be sure to find me and lots of other teen escorts in Essex.


Do your friends know you work as an Essex escort All my friends know, not only do they know they want to work as escorts in Essex as well. I mean, my friends work in ordinary jobs and take home about a grand a month, I make two or three grand a week.​


Did you ever consider working for an escort agency in Essex? I did a couple of weeks in an escort agency in Harlow, but the boss kept wanting to have sex with me, so I quit. I thought if I rented my own flat, I could work as a Chelmsford massage girl and offer sex as an extra with a happy ending.​


How many of your clients are married? ​I guess nearly all of them are married. I think most Essex escorts in Chelmsford have sex with men that are married.


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