Is it better being a Cam Girl or a Cardiff Escort?

Interview with a Cardiff escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Irma, a Jewish escort in Cardiff. Irma is 29 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Cardiff.


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How did a good Jewish girl become a Cardiff escort? I didn’t get along with my parents; I was very rebellious as a teenager and left home when I was sixteen. Obviously, I got into drugs I was smoking hashish at school and soon got hooked on cocaine and started working as a Cardiff prostitute on Commercial Road in the Pill area of Cardiff, nearly all of the money I earned as a hooker was spent on my drug habit.​


How did you graduate from a street hooker in Cardiff to an escort in Cardiff? I sort of got my act together, I managed to rent a flat on East Tyndall Street, which is an area where street escorts work, but I had an apartment where punters could come to me, ​so I didn’t get busted for prostitution.


Have you had any other job that was not connected to the sex industry? Not really, I worked for a time as an adult webcam model on Chaturbate when I was eighteen, ​but they blocked my account because I was giving guys my phone number and telling them that I was an escort in Cardiff.


Why did Chaturbate block your account? As an adult webcam model, you’re not supposed to work as an escort, even though lots of them do. I was silly enough to openly talk about it on web chat, whereas most girls sell their WhatsApp​ number and tell guys privately.


Did you like working as a webcam model or do you prefer life as a Cardiff escort? ​Working as a webcam model was okay, but there is a lot of competition and to make a decent living you had to work a lot of hours, working in Cardiff as an escort I can do a couple of jobs and make a few hundred quid just for letting a couple of men fuck me.


You’re a very beautiful girl, and escorts in London make that every day why don’t you work as a London escort? Ha​ve you seen the prices of flats in London?


Couldn’t you get a start wor​king for a London escort agency? Hmm, I suppose I could, maybe I will give it some thought.


Did you know that on landlords rent flats to massage girls? Oh really, I didn’t know that, I​ will have a look.


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