Interview with a Canterbury escort; Ask an escort?

We sat down for an interview with Richard, an escort agency owner in Canterbury. Richard is 45 and runs an escort agency covering all areas of Canterbury.


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What’s it like being the boss of an escort agency? It’s hugely gratifying; there are always new girls coming into the business, so I am ever meeting new escorts in Canterbury.​


How many escorts do you have on your books? Usually around 20 girl escorts and we always have a few TS escorts in Canterbury. I could employ more girls, but I like to keep my es​corts busy.


How many booking do you cover in an average day? ​We get hundreds of phone calls every day, which turns into about 40 bookings a day, this means that all the escorts that are available today will do between two or three bookings each.


How did you start to run your own Canterbury escort agency? I saw a business opportunity for a franchise to run your own escort agency. I contacted the company, and their business plan looked full proof. I started my escort agency three years ago, ​and the success has been great, from the first day of opening we received lots of calls.


How do you recruit your escorts in Canterbury? Most of the girls come to the agency by recommendation these days, all escorts know other escorts, so word of mouth is how I get the escorts. In the beginning, I advertised for escorts wanted in Canterbury Kent on certain websites and in local papers that escort-empire recommended. I started with just two es​corts, and the business just grew and grew, I now have three receptionists, and we cover s16 hours a day.


Is there a lot of business for Canterbury escorts? Yes, we cover Canterbury, escorts in Sittingbourne, Faversham escorts and right down to escorts in Herne Bay. There is a lot of clients from these areas of Kent.​


Do all your Canterbury escorts provide sexual services? Clients understand that the booking fee is for the escorts time, anything the occurs between two consenting adults is up to them. The escorts in my agency are under no obligation to offer sex to their clients.


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