What do your slaves do & can they make you orgasm?

Interview with a Cambridge escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Mistress Morgan, a Cambridge dominatrix. Mistress Morgan works as an independent dominatrix and mistress in Cambridge.


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What first got you in to the femdom BDSM scene? I was working as a call girl, escort, whatever you want to call it when I was just 18, but I found the whole prostitute in Cambridge scene rather boring, it was just men wanting a fuck for sixty quid or a blow job for forty quid and if I didn’t want to drop my prices the escort down the road would. One of my regulars wanted me to piss on him while wearing my panties, I told him I would only do this if he gave me two hundred pounds, to my amazement he didn’t flinch and handed over the money, no sex just me standing over him and weeing in his mouth. That was the start of my life as a dominatrix.


How did you learn the ropes of being a mistress domme? I got to know Lady Barbara from legs world when I was in Germany, she took me under her wing and became a mentor to me. She taught me how to behave with my gentlemen callers and how to treat them as slaves. She showed me many things that slaves like, foot worship, ass worship and generally being obedient towards me.


Do you ever orgasm when you’re with a slave? If I want to give a slave a treat, maybe he has served me well, buying me expensive gifts for example I may masturbate in front of him and let him see me orgasm, but he knows that he is not allowed to touch me, ever.


Do you class yourself as a Cambridge prostitute? Or a Cambridge escort? I am certainly not a prostitute as I don’t sell my body for sex, as for being an escort in Cambridge, take a look at their prices, escorts in Cambridge still let guys fuck them for sixty pounds, and some prostitutes in Cambridge are letting men fuck them bareback, without a condom on.


Can a Dominatrix in Cambridge have a normal social life outside of seeing clients? I tend to socialize with people in the BDSM scene, the clubs I go to and the people I hang out with are all either Doms or dominatrix.


Do you ever have sex with men? If I have a boyfriend away from work it will be a wealthy mature man who is exceptionally generous towards me. I’m not a gold digger as such, I have my own money, but I like the more mature powerful man that commands respect wherever we go. In restaurants we always get the best table, we get invited to Monte Carlo and Film Premiers. That type of man I will let fuck me.


Are most of your clients married? I really only chose men that are married to be my slaves. Singles guys are a pain in the arse. When a married man who is a captain of industry or a politician, I know that he will be subservient to me, this is something that a mistress requires in order to set the divide for a successful mistress and slave relationship.


If you weren’t a dominatrix would you still be fucking men for money as a Cambridge prostitute? If I hadn’t met lady Barbara legs world, I would probably still be letting guys fuck me, and I would still be sucking guys off for ridiculously low fees. I will be forever grateful to the dommes of this world for letting me see how men should be manipulated and used as sex slaves.


What service do your slaves like most? Most of my slaves like me to dress them up in frilly panties and piss on them, some like me to call them names, such as: whore, slut, cum dump slut and so on. I like a man that is into humiliation, I can vent my anger, tell him what a worthless piece of shit he is, tell him to pay for my trip to the Bahamas, buy me a new car, Jimmy Choo shoes, La Perla underwear, anything I want really.


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