How did you start in the Bristol escort business?

Interview with a Bristol escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Michelle, a lesbian escort in Bristol. Michelle is 19 and runs her own escort agency covering all areas of Bristol.​


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How did you get involved in the escort business? I have been sexually active from the age of sixteen, always having different boyfriends and ever letting them have sex with me. I got a bit of a reputation for being the local slut, so no boy wanted to go out with me. They just wanted to fuck me. When I got to the age of 18 I thought I may as well get paid to let them fuck me, so I called a local escort agency and started working as an escort in Harrow.​


Do you remember your first booking as a Harrow escort? It was with an older man of about 50 who wanted me to suck him off and cum in my mouth. After that, I was okay with any man wanting to have sex with me, because I was a young teen escort in London.​ I could charge a hundred pounds for an hour of sex.


How did you come to work as an escort in Bristol? I met another escort who was older than me, and she told me that if we got a massage flat in Bristol, I wouldn’t have to give the escort agency any of my earnings. So we rented an apartment​ in an area of Bristol called Clifton and set up our own business.


Do you have many regular clients in Bristol? ​Loads, some days I only see regulars and my phone still rings, so I sometimes disappoint lots of potential clients who want to see me.


Do you enjoy sex with clients? ​I enjoy sex, but I’m into girls these days.


Do you and your girlfriend give punters lesbian shows? The punters in Bristol love lesbian escort shows. We regularly have two girl escort jobs if a client wants to see two girls having sex together and pays extra, that is my favourite thing.​


As a lesbian escort in Bristol, what is the worst service that men ask of you? Hmm, a lot of men want anal sex with escorts these days. I’m not very comfortable with letting a man fuck me in the arse, but apart from that,​ I am willing to do anything if the price is right.


Would you let a man fuck you bareback? ​I do let guys fuck me bareback but charge £300 for that, my girlfriend doesn’t know that I let guys cum inside me, she thinks I make guys wear a condom.


How many of your clients are married? ​Almost all the punters that I see are married, I always ask them, and I only let married men fuck me without a condom.


Do you think you will stay in Bristol? Working as a Bristol escort is very good at the moment, if the business starts to go down, I will probably go back and work as a London escort again, but this time I will get my own massage flat​.


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