As a pornstar escort do you still make porn films?

Interview with a Brighton escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Alice, a pornstar escort in Brighton. Alice is 23 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Brighton and Hove.


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As a pornstar Brighton escort do you still make porn films? Oh yes, I am the new breed of escort or working girl in the sex industry. I not only make porn films such as Fake Taxi, Ben Dover, plus I work on adult TV channels like Babylon blue, British porn babes and Television X.​


Do you meet clients when you are working on adult webcam sites? On most of the sites such as Live Jasmin and Chaturbate, it’s not allowed to escort clients and make a booking for an erotic massage or to have sex for money. But on a new site called it is approved for users to have a webcam session with a girl and then to go and visit her, which is excellent for my business. I know that thousands of users who regularly have private cam sessions with cam models who would like to visit the cam model as well.​


What else do you do to make money in the sex business? I sell my own prostitute porn videos that I make with some of my escort clients, porn films that are not available anywhere else. I also sell my dirty knickers, lots of guys want those; in fact, I buy knickers just for that business wear them all day and then sell them.​


Do lots of Brighton escorts work as webcam models as well? I don’t think that many escorts in Brighton know about this service yet if they did they would all use it. I believe that one day, ​this will be the first point of contact that punters will use to book an escort. It makes so much sense to have a video call with an escort before you travel to her Brighton massage flat or she visits you because as a client you are sure that the girl is nice and friendly, you can discuss the service that you want before she arrives and you know that she is genuine.


How much money can an escort in Brighton make on the webcam site? I get around a hundred calls every day if just twenty per cent of those calls are video calls I can make an extra £200 a day. It just makes a lot of sense for escorts to accept video calls. The other thing that is perfect for is security; I can see the client before he comes to my flat, if I don’t like the look of him for any reason I can refuse the booking, it’s a great system and the future of escorts in the ​UK.


Do escorts in Brighton know each other? Some girls are friendly, ​and some are not so friendly. I know a few Brighton escorts, we often phone each other to ask how’s business, talk about clients we’ve seen and so on.


Do you have many regular clients? I would say that fifty per cent of the punters I see every week would be considered a regular. Most escorts in Brighton have regulars, and sometimes they will swap. For example, I have a friend who is a Thai escort in Eastbourne; she told me about this client she had seen for a year. He visits her every week on a Friday morning and stays all day; he never wanted sex he just sat on the floor and licked her feet in between other clients, after she had sex with other clients she would let him lick out her pussy. This guy now visits my massage flat in Brighton.​


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