Interview with a Bradford escort - Ask an escort?

We sat down for an interview with Priti, a sexy Indian escort in Bradford. Priti is 35 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Bradford.


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Do you see yourself as a Bradford escort or a Bradford prostitute? The question needs to be put to my clients, most men see me as an escort​, but many Indian men call me a guti, which is Indian slang for a local Bradford prostitute.


Do you offer all services? There is a lot of competition between Bradford escorts; if a girl doesn’t offer all the services, then punters will​ go elsewhere.


What is the service that most clients ask for with Bradford escort? They all want oral without, OWO, they all want to cum in my mouth CIM, and lots of guys today want anal sex with an escort.​


Are there a lot of street prostitutes in Bradford? Oh my god yes, there are lots of prostitutes in Lumb Lane area of Bradford.


Do you know many Indian escorts in Bradford? A few of my friends work as Bradford escorts now. A lot work in Bradford massage parlours.


Do Indian girls make more money than British escorts in Bradford? It depends on what the punter wants really, I get regulars that come to me, ​and they also see Blonde Bradford escorts as well.


Where is the best place to find Bradford escorts? On the internet, search for Indian escorts in Bradford. Hopefully, you will find me on a few escort directory sites.​


Would you work as a cam model and an online escort? If a guy could webcam an escort and then visit her, I think that would be the ultimate adult webcam site for escorts in the UK.


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