What is it like working as a party girl escort?

Interview with a Bournemouth escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Sheryl, a party girl escort in Bournemouth. Sheryl is 24 and runs her own escort agency covering all areas of Bournemouth.​


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What is a party girl escort? I run an escort agency in Bournemouth where we have duo escorts who perform lesbian escort scenes for clients. We also have pornstar escorts who work as party girls for stag parties and clubs where guys pay a fee to have​ sex with two or three girls.


How many men will a Bournemouth escort have sex with at the party girl bookings? ​We once had a party girl booking where there were sixty men at a stag do, and only me and two other girls were there to cater to all the men. That was probably the most sex any of us escorts had in two hours. I let at least sixteen men fuck me that evening, as did the other two girls, but it was good fun, and the clients all enjoyed themselves.


How many bookings does your Bournemouth escort agency do in a day? The demand for escorts in Bournemouth is surprisingly high. With a lot of retired men in the town and lots of wealthy people, working as a Bournemouth escort is very profitable. In a good day, we will get around 200 phone calls of which around twenty-five per cent will result into bookings.​


How much can a Bournemouth escort make in a day? Most of the girls that work for my agency will do three or four bookings a day, and at an average of two hundred pounds a booking the girls are making around six hundred a day. When you think about it for a small town like Bournemouth which only has a population of 120,000 people, it’s a perfect town to work in as an escort.​


Which escorts are the most popular with clients? It’s hard to give a definitive answer to that question. We have a couple of teen escorts who are always​ busy, our Oriental and Asian escorts in Bournemouth are very popular with the more mature clients who like the petite Thai girls, mainly because the Thai escorts in Bournemouth are very pretty young girls who know how to treat mature men.


You’re only 24, how did you start your own agency? ​I was working as an independent escort in Brighton and kept hearing from other girls how busy the escort business is in Bournemouth. I was advertising my escort services on xlamma.co.uk and yesbook.co and saw an ad for a business opportunity to run your own escort agency.


How easy was it to set up your escort agency in Bournemouth? There is a franchise opportunity from escort-empire.com. They provide everything for the budding entrepreneur to start a successful escort agency, from the domain name to the website, a booking system software, the communications and a business plan, that if you follow, you can make outstanding​ profits from the first month.


As a Bournemouth escort agency boss, do you still see clients? Oh yes, because when I started my escort agency in Bournemouth I was one of the escorts available, so I got lots of regular clients who still want to see me.​


Would you employ a girl who wouldn’t have sex with clients? Hmm, that situation has never occurred, any girl that applies to work as an escort usually knows that the clients expect to have sex. But to answer your question,​ the answer would be no. There would be no point in promoting a girl that won't give erotic massage, oral sex or full sex with a punter in Bournemouth.


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