Interview with a Blackpool escort - Ask an escort?

We sat down for an interview with Linda, a local busty escort in Blackpool. Linda is 34 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Blackpool.


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Is there a lot of vice in Blackpool? ​Oh god yes, lots of prostitutes are working in Blackpool.


Are there many Blackpool massage parlours? Blackpool is a very progressive area for working girls, there are brothels in Blackpool, and the residents of the city are perfectly okay with it.​


Are prostitutes in red light areas in Blackpool? Lo​ads, and again everyone is okay with the prostitutes and escorts in Blackpool; it brings a lot of trade to the local hotels which let the girls use the rooms for an hour or two, the pubs and clubs get business from the red light girls in Blackpool.


How does the street prostitutes in Blackpool affect the Blackpool escorts business? It’s perfectly fine really because Blackpool has a lot of tourists there’s plent​y of punters for everyone.


Where can I find Blackpool escorts? Search for escorts in Blackpool, ​and there are many websites, adultwork escorts, Viva Street escorts and yesbook escorts are the most popular websites for punters to find escorts.


Where can I find local prostitutes in Blackpool? Blackpool has been ​dubbed the Amsterdam of Britain; there are working girls everywhere, look out for the red neon lights in doorways and scantily clad girls walking the streets around Central Drive and Cookson Street prostitutes can be easily found.


Do the local Blackpool prostitutes charge less than you? Not really, we all know that when tourists come to Blackpool from London,​ they will charge London escort prices, the escorts here love a Londoner.


So, Brothels in Blackpool are here to stay? We hope so; they​ bring a lot of business into the area.


Would you ever work anywhere else? Absolutely not, Being a Blackpool escort and working in Blackpool massage parlours is the best and safest place I’ve ever worked.


Do you work from a local Blackpool massage flat or a Blackpool Brothel? Yes. To me, th​ey are the same.


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