Why did you become a Birmingham escort?

Ask a Birmingham escort: We sat down for an interview with Rachael, a teen escort in Birmingham. Rachael is 19 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Birmingham.


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As a teenage girl, what made you become an escort in Birmingham? I got into it by accident really, after I left school I had a few dead-end jobs, working in factories and then a spell as a cocktail waitress, one of the girls there left and got a job as a pole dancer in Spearmint Rhino club. She told me how generous some of the men were and how they offered her lots of money to spend the night with her. She left and started a massage flat and asked me if I wanted to do a few punters to see if I liked it.​


So you now work fulltime as a Birmingham escort? Yes, I still work a couple of days a week in my friends flat, but I also advertise myself on escort directories as an independent escort.


Do your friends know you work as a prostitute in Birmingham? Most girls prefer the term escort than a prostitute, but essentially it’s the same thing under a different name. Most of the friends I grew up with don’t know what I do, which doesn’t really matter because I rarely see my old school friends these days. When you work in the sex business you tend to make friends with girls who are in the industry​, in fact when I do have a night off the girls I go out with are all Birmingham prostitutes; lol.


Do you have a boyfriend? Well, as you can imagine having a regular, normal boyfriend is pretty much out of the question while working as an escort in Birmingham. If the question is referring to a pimp the answer is categorically no, I have met some teen prostitutes who have ‘boyfriends’ that live off their girlfriends, but for me, that is frankly stupid, I’m in this business to make money for myself.​


Do you enjoy having sex with lots of different middle-aged men? It’s not something I think about anymore; It’s just part of being an escort. Having sex with clients in different hotel rooms gives me quite a buzz, and some of the men I see have become regulars. Whenever they are on a business trip in Birmingham, they take me out to dinner, buy me Champagne and then pay hundreds of pounds for me to suck them off, what’s not to like?​


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I haven’t really thought that far ahead yet, at the moment I’m learning to drive and when I pass my test I’m going to buy a fuck-off expensive Mercedes, I’m going to the Caribbean for a holiday with one of my Birmingham esco​rt friends, so at the moment I want to love life.


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