What made you want to work as a Belfast escort?

Interview with a Belfast escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Gina, an Irish escort in Belfast City Center. Gina is 25 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Belfast.


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How long have you been a Belfast escort? I started working in the sex industry in London five years ago, I worked in lap dancing clubs and did a bit of work as a stripper, but the real money was in seeing the men that visited the strip club afterwards, which wasn’t allowed.​


Do you remember the first time you had sex for money? Being in the sex industry in London you meet lots of girls in different areas of the business, London escorts, girls who were adult webcam girls, girls who worked the red light districts as prostitutes, girls that worked in massage flats and so on. A friend offered me a day in a massage flat in London. She told me I would have to have sex with the punters, oral without condom, and a lot of girlfriend experience, which involves kissing and cuddling with the clients. I was really nervous when the first punter came to the flat. He wanted me to suck his cock and to lick my pussy in the 69 positions, after that he wanted to fuck me doggy style. He was amiable and gave me a big tip. That was the route I took into being a fulltime London escort.​


What made you want to work as a Belfast escort? Being an escort in Paddington, which is where I worked, there was a lot of competition, and I was feeling a bit homesick, ​so I went back to Belfast and set up my own Belfast massage parlour.


As an Irish escort in Belfast do you worry that your friends will find out you are in the sex trade? A; All my close friends know I work as an escort, anyone else that knows me wouldn’t be shocked at all.


Would you work as an adult webcam girl? ​Absolutely, some girls who cam between clients can double their income by letting guys see them first on a video call.


Do you think the webcam girls could affect the escort trade? No, I think that the guys who go on adult webcam sites will eventually want the real thing. What’s good about the Camcourts site is that a guy can have a session with a webcam girl and then go and visit her, so really it can only enhance the number of clients that an escort will see. Also, the punters that see girls on webcams first will become regular clients; it’s an excellent way for escorts to make extra money.​


As an Irish escort in Belfast would you ever have sex with a client without using a condom? There are a lot of requests from clients to have bareback sex, it’s not something I have done yet, but I never say never.​


Do clients ask escorts to dress in different uniforms? All the time, I have a selection of outfits that clients can choose from, nurses uniform, schoolgirl, policewoman. The most popular is the schoolgirl uniform, again I suppose it’s a role play thing, going back to what I said earlier, forbidden fruit tastes sweeter.​


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