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Cheap escorts in Basildon are one of the main concerns for working girls in the area. Many escorts in Basildon are charging punters below the national average for sex services. This is making some Basildon escorts fear that the business is being overrun by cheap prostitutes from European countries where some girls charge twenty quid for anal sex. We sat down for an interview with Sarah, a sexy escort in Basildon. Sarah is 25 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Basildon.​


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Do you like sex? What girl doesn’t like sex today, every girl I speak to, whether they are a Basildon prostitute or not, loves to talk about sex.​


Is that because there are lots of escorts in Basildon? Yeah, Basildon is the mecca of cheap escorts, cheap escorts in Basildon are ruining the business, there are girls doing punters for forty quid, they give blowjobs for £20, it’s ridiculous.


Where can I find cheap escorts in Basildon? I know there are cheap prostitutes in Ambleside Drive Basildon, prostitutes are walking​ the streets. You can find cheap escorts in Basildon if you search for Basildon escorts on Google.


Where can I find Brothels in Basildon? There have been cases where escorts were working in Basildon brothels, three or more Thai escorts in Basildon were busted by the police a few years ago, There are massage flats where more than one escort is available.​


How much does full sex with a Basildon escort cost? ​I charge £100 for full sex, £60 for oral without and I’m very good at girlfriend experience.


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