Interview questions with a real Eastbourne escort.

We sat down for an interview with Laura. Laura, 34, is a sexy Brazilian escort in Eastbourne,


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As a Brazilian Eastbourne escort do, all your clients want sex? Brazilian girls are well known for their sexy bodies, and all Brazilian escorts will offer sex to their clients.​


Where are the best escorts in Eastbourne? There are lots of excellent​ looking escorts in East Sussex.


Are many of your client's married men? I would say that ninety per cent of my punters are married.​


Why do married men visit escorts? Most men like variety and when a married man starts to wander,​ it is better that he visits a prostitute in Eastbourne rather than have an affair.


Do escorts like to have sex with their clients? Most girls who work as call girls like to have sex, so having sex with punters and getting paid for it is a bonus.​


Why are girls from Brazil so popular? When you see girls on Brazilian beaches with big tits and big booty you understand that Brazilian girls ar​e built for sex.


Where can I find Brazilian escorts in Eastbourne? You can find escorts in Eastbourne on websites like adultwork Vivastreet and yesbook. If you want a Brazilian girl in London to escort you there are lots of Brazilian escorts in London.


What type of client mostly visits Eastbourne escorts? There are a lot of retired men in Eastbourne, so a lot of my clients are mature men who like to have a sexy time with a younger g​irl.


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