Interview an escort in Dagenham - Ask an escort?

We sat down for an interview with Essex escort Helen. Helen, 24, is a busty Dagenham escort who accepts video calls.


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Are there many Dag​enham escorts working from private massage parlours? Dagenham has lots of working girls. Escorts are working for one of the many Barking escort agencies. Prostitutes in Ilford Lane walking the streets. In fact, this part of East London escorts are rife; I know twenty or so girls from Ukraine and Latvia that are prostitutes in Dagenham.


D​o the police leave escorts who work from massage flats alone? Pretty much, they don’t like the girls in the Ilford red light areas, street prostitutes in Ilford Lane are the main concern for police in Dagenham.


Have you ever been a street prostitute? I worked for a few months as a prostitute in Queensway, but I didn’t feel safe, and the whole thing is quite dangerous. Working as an escort in Dagenham in a flat is much more enjoyable and a lot safer, especially now that I can receive video calls and see the potential client before he visits me.​


Why don’t all escorts accept video calls for safety? It is a new thing, ​and I’m sure that one day all escorts will accept clients only after they have seen the guy on a video call first.


So you don’t mind guys just wanting to chat on the phone? I get around 60 calls a day, and I know most of the guys are a waste of time, just wanting to chat. With video call, I don’t mind now because I get paid £1 a minute.​


Do your family in Latvia know you are an escort in Essex? ​They probably do know because I send home quite a lot of money to help my family. I have never told them that I work as a sex worker in Dagenham or that I was a London prostitute, they would be nervous for me if I told them.


Do you like having sex with your punters in Dagenham? I do enjoy sex a lot, It’s nice when I get to know regular clients, they get to know what I like, and I get to know what they want. Especially with a girlfriend experience, you can become good friends and lovers with some men.​


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