Why did you choose the Southampton escort scene?

Interview a Southampton escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Alicia, a Muslim escort in Southampton City Centre. Alicia is 29 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Southampton.​


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​Where are you from originally? I come from Indonesia, which has the largest number of Muslims in the world.


Did you work as a sex worker before you came to the UK? I fell into prostitution when I lived in East Java; many​ women work secretly in red light areas to make money.


What made you come to the South Coast escort scene? There are a lot of escorts in Southampton but not many Muslim girls who sell sex for money, so I am quite unique. A lot of my English clients never get the chance to have sex with a Muslim girl, ​so I get a lot of business.


How many men do you have sex with within an average day? Probably around ten clients a day visit me; not all of them want sex. Many just want oral sex or a handjob.​


Do Muslim escorts offer anal sex? Yes, it is traditional in Arabic countries for girls to have anal sex, especially before marriage, ​because girls want to protect their virginity. I do offer anal sex with clients for an extra payment.


Do you see Muslim men as clients? M​ainly English punters visit me.


Do Muslim men visit prostitutes? Absolutely, Muslim men are very hypocritical in their approach to sex, on the one hand, they want girls to be virgins, ​and then they want to fuck any girl they see. But mostly Muslim men visit English escorts in Southampton.


Do you know many Muslim escorts in Southampton? ​I know a few Muslim escorts in London. They are very popular with clients, especially if they wear traditional Hijab. In fact, there are lots of girls that are not Muslim that wear the Hijab because Western men find it a taboo, forbidden fruit, and everyone likes to be able to taste the forbidden fruit.


Do Muslim escorts work on adult webcams? Oh yes, many escorts girls are working on adult webcam sites. It is an excellent way for an escort to make extra money between clients.​


How else can escorts make more money? There are lots of ways for escorts to make more money than just having sex with clients, girls who broadcast on adult webcams between clients, escorts phone sex, selling porn films that they have made with punters, many girls let clients film them today, so there are many opportunities for escorts making money other than being a prostitute.


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