Interview a real Armagh escort - Ask an escort?

We sat down for an interview with Shelly, a local housewife escort in Armagh. Shelly is 35 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Armagh.


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When did you start working as an Armagh escort? I got married quite young and divorced after I caught my husband visiting a local Armagh prostitute.


Is that why you became a prostitute in Armagh? I prefer to be called an escort, but yes I thought if he wants a prostitute,​ I will become one and let him see what it’s like to be cheated on.


Do all escorts in Armagh do car meets? Punters in Armagh like a quick hand job or a blow job from a local slut housewife escort, it’s a popular service.


Do lots of local men visit your massage flat? Yes loads, I advertise in Portadown Times and on websites such as adultwork escorts and escort Ireland.


Has the internet changed the escort business? Oh without question, escorts can now advertise their services without all the fuss of newspapers editing your massage ad. Punters can merely Google Armagh escorts, and I can be foun​d.


Can I find Armagh escorts on the internet? Search for escorts in Armagh, ​and there are plenty of results on Google, you can also find massage in Armagh in local papers.


Do you work as escorts on webcams? I would work as a Local housewife escort in Armagh who offers webcam service to clients if there was an adult webcam site that lets escorts provide sex services to men.​


Do your neighbours know you are a prostitute in Armagh? Most of my neighbours know I am a working girl; they​ are okay with it.


Have you ever worked as an escort anywhere else? When I divorced,​ I went to England and worked as an escort in Liverpool for a while, learnt the sex business and then set up my own Armargh brothel.


Now you work on your own? Yes,​ now I advertise myself as a Local housewife gives massage in Armagh.


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