Why did you choose to be a Milton Keynes escort?

Interview a Milton Keynes escort - Ask an escort: We sat down for an interview with Nina, a Brazilian escort in Milton Keynes. Nina is 24 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Milton Keynes.


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Why are all Brazilian escorts sexy? Brazilian girls love to have sex; we are well known for it. To a Brazilian girl, being sexy is what we aspire too. In Brazil, men are still very macho, and they like their women to have the sexy hourglass​ figure, big tits and an even bigger booty.


Why did you choose to become a Milton Keynes escort? When I first came to England, I worked for an escort agency in Camden Town which was good at first, but after a few months, I got tired of paying the agency their thirty per cent. Also, the constant travelling to meet clients in Hotels was exhausting. A friend of mine worked in an erotic massage parlour in Wembley, where all the clients came to you, this suited me better, but I still had to give part of my earning to the owner of the massage parlour. I decided to rent my own flat with a girlfriend, and we saw that Milton Keynes was a busy town.


How many punters do you see in a day? Working out of a massage flat in Milton Keynes is excellent, we usually see around twelve clients a day. ​Milton Keynes has a lot of businessmen who are willing to pay top prices to see the sexy Brazil girls.


Do you and your friend put on lesbian escort shows? ​Absolutely, guys love to watch lesbian escorts perform with each other before they join in. There is a significant demand for this type of sexual activity.


Do you orgasm when you have sex with a client? Because most Brazilian girls love sex so much, it’s easy for us to reach orgasm. I can climax with a punter quite quickly.​


Do escorts fake orgasms? I can't answer for all escorts in Milton Keynes, but I’m sure some escorts do fake orgasm. I never have and never will, to me, sex is something I enjoy tremendously, so, to fake it would be disrespectful to my client.​


If you weren’t a Milton Keynes escort what do you think you would be? ​Hmm, I can’t think of a smart answer to that question, but I would probably be a call girl in New York or Dubai.


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