Interview a Dartford escort - Ask an escort?

We sat down for an interview with Kim, a sexy escort in Dartford. Kim is 20 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Kent.


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Do you work for a Dartford escort agency? ​I am an independent Dartford escort working from my own private flat.


How many clients do you see on an average day? On a good day, I will see ten clients on a bad day, ​just 4 or 5, so I suppose my average is around seven clients a day.


Have you worked as an escort anywhere else? I started for an escort in Sidcup Kent, working as her receptionist when I was just 18. All the clients that I let in the door asked for me. My first job as a working escort happened when one of the clients wanted me to watch him having sex with the Sidcup escort I was a receptionist for; he paid me fifty pounds for just watching him. After that, I thought I might​ as well become a working girl myself.


Do you remember how you felt after you had sex with your first punter? It was great actually., The first guy I had sex for money with was a perfect looking guy of around 30, he looked like a GQ model.​


Have you always been an escort in Kent? When I first really started escorting I got a start in a massage parlour in Mayfair, and the​ money was terrific. I was seeing 15 men a day and bringing home over a thousand pounds a day. Being an escort in Mayfair gave me enough money to buy my own flat in Dartford.


Are there enough punters in Dartford compared to being an escort in Central London? Well yes, because I don’t have to give to the Mayfair escort agency any of my money, so now every hundred pounds I make I keep.​


Do you know many escorts in Kent? I have lots of friends who are escorts in Bexley; I​ have girlfriends who are Welling escorts, yeah, lots of my friends are Kent escorts.


Where can I find Dartford escorts? Search for Kent escorts or escorts in Kent, ​and the results will show all the working girls in my area. There are lots of sexy kent escorts on adultwork, Vivastreet and yesbook.


H​ave you ever been tempted to be a webcam model? I know that webcam escorts are making money camming between clients. It is certainly something I will think about doing in the future.


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