How much money do teen escorts in London make?

How much money can teen escorts in London make in a week? We put this question out to genuine London escorts.


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Sabrina 19 works from a massage in Lewisham flat. I see around ten clients a day; they come to me, so I don’t have any travelling, each client pays me £60 for a full service. Working as an escort in Lewisham, I make a lot of money and go back home to Birmingham at the weekends with over two thousand pounds a week.​


Kim, now 21 has been working as a teen escort in New Cross for two years. I wouldn’t recommend this life to anyone, but if you have a strong will and can handle the lifestyle,​ the financial rewards are right. I own my own flat, have a great car and still make a couple of thousand a week, working for Peckham escorts has been good for me.


Natasha is a blonde teen escort in Blackheath. Escorts in Greenwich can make a lot of money, as a teen escort in Blackheath I only see wealthy men and they really look after me. I have my own massage in Greenwich ads on various adult websites, adultwork escorts and vivastreet escorts and from there I get enough clients to make me busy all week, I can easily make £3000.00 every week.​


Amina is an Indian teen escort in Penge. Indian escorts in London are top-rated, especially teenage girls from India. I get more clients than I can see in a day, sometimes as many as 15 men knock on my door, working as escorts in Crystal Palace or advertising as an Indian teen escort in Bromley I can make a lot of money every week. I’m not telling you how much. I have a friend who is an Indian escort in Southall, which has a sizeable Indian population. Her name is Kieran, and she charges £40 for full sex which is very cheap, but she sees about 20 clients a day mainly married Indian men who call her a guti which is a derogatory term for a teen Indian Prostitute in Southall.​


Star 18 is a Thai escort in Wimbledon. There are lots of Oriental escorts in London much work as massage in Chiswick or escorts in Shoreditch, ​and all of them are usually busy. I chose to be Wimbledon escorts because there are not many Asian escorts in Wimbledon so I can make more money to help my family.


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