Has the internet changed the UK escort business?

People from all walks of life widely ask this question. We put the question; How has the internet changed the escort business in the UK? Out to our escort industry experts to get a genuine answer.​


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A hundred per cent, the internet has opened the floodgates, there are more escorts in the UK and around the world now than there has ever been. There are so many online escorts are so accessible for clients these days. I would say that all our bookings come from the internet. We have our own website where clients can make a booking without even ​having to make a phone call. Punters can see pictures of the girls that are available today, send an email, and the reservation is secure. There has never been a better time to run a London escort agency.​


Escorts, Call-Girls, Prostitutes - whatever you know them as there is a noticeable shift in how these women run their businesses. Escorts no longer hang around shady back-streets, city corners, or outside nightclubs, the new-age sex work business is here, and its thriving. In the modern age, it feels like you can do anything and everything online. You can do your food shop, buy almost anything you could ever desire, speak to people from across the globe, and you don’t even need a big AA Great Britain Map book anymore. - just type your destination into google, and you can get talked through your journey as you go. Sex work before the internet was mostly divided by low-end prostitutes who work for pimps. Putting business cards in phone boxes or taping them to letterboxes — to high-end escorts. Working for agencies who do the hard work for them — to now, using the internet, escorts can advertise to hundreds of more clients, just with the click of a button, and no longer have to stand in dark streets and hope they can buy their next meal. Many lower-end prostitutes use Backpage, Craigslist, even Facebook Marketplace, where the higher-end escorts use Eros - the most popular website for ‘call-girls’. Why is this so revolutionary? Apart from the blatant ‘widespread advertising’ and ‘more business’ - the internet is changing the safety of sex workers. Escorts now chat online using message boards and apps, such as Ugly Mugs, where they share prices, business strategies, extras, and most importantly - warnings about problematic customers and potential pimps. Many will also use ‘The Erotic Review’ - kinda like TrustPilot for escorts, meaning they can switch up their businesses, charge more (or less) depending on demand, and find their niche in the market. Where selling sex online is generally safer, there are always going to be risks involved in the escort business. Violence, robbing, beatings and rape are still risks these women have to face in their jobs, online screening and background information makes the chances much less likely, and in a study conducted by Cunningham University, the availability of the escort business online has to lead to a 17% decline in homicide, and a considerable reduction in rape. The internet can be used in a fantastic way for the escorting business, and with the readily-available information and start-up, there has been an enormous increase in the number of escorts currently doing sex work, and where sex workers generally would be aged 30+, now there are 18-25-year-olds that are venturing into the e​scort business.


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