Do UK escorts get strange requests from clients?

We sat down for an interview with Alice, a pornstar escort in Brighton. Alice is 23 and works as an outcall escort covering all areas of Brighton and Hove. We asked if UK escorts get many strange requests from their clients?


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Oh my god, where do I start? I had a guy once pay me a thousand pounds to stick a butt plug up his ass and keep it there for a whole week. He wanted me to call him twice a day at his office. He had to go to the loo to take a picture on his phone and send it to me. If the butt plug wasn’t in his arse, he agreed to pay me double next time. ​That’s just one; another guy wanted me to slap him around the face and spit in his mouth and call him names like 'you piece of shit', 'you worthless cocksucker'. I had a client who brought me pictures of his wife, together with a pair of her knickers and one of her dresses, he then wanted to wait in the kitchen while I saw another client wearing his wives clothes and let the client fuck me wearing the clothes of his wife, I think that is pretty strange.


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